One of the areas of work of the TOP “trade Union center of Pavlodar region” is working with veterans – providing social protection, increasing attention to former employees, using their intellectual and moral potential, providing them with effective assistance.

On April 29, 2019 on the eve of The victory Day in the Children’s cultural and leisure center “Kolos” with the participation OF “Zamandas-Pavlodar” representatives of the Territorial Association of trade unions “trade Union center of Pavlodar region” congratulated 120 veterans of labor and home front workers of the club of veterans “Zamandas”.

Currently, the veterans club unites more than 700 people from among pensioners. The activity of the public Fund “Zamandas” is to develop the abilities of older people, develop an active life position , maintain a healthy lifestyle, maximize the realization of their spiritual and physical potential through social rehabilitation. Today, the club has 18 groups, such as HLS, vocal and choral, information and educational, dance, Amateur club “Tea together”, club “Airport”, chess club, Amateur club “Needlework” and others.

The joint activity of the trade Union center and veteran organizations allows not only to provide social assistance to veterans, but also to involve them in active social, educational work, to transfer their rich life experience to future generations, to ensure the continuity of generations, the combination of traditions and innovations, the wide use of veterans ‘ experience in work in all areas.

In her welcoming speech, the Deputy Chairman of the TOP “trade Union center of Pavlodar region” Aigul Malikova congratulated the veterans on the holiday, expressing gratitude and sincere wishes.

— Live for many years to come, share your wisdom and life experience. On this day, first of all, I want to say “thank you” for life and peaceful sky over my head, and also wish peace and prosperity, health and happiness, success and prosperity.

We will remind, at the next meeting of coordination Council regulations on work of Council of veterans which works at TOP “the trade-Union center of the Pavlodar region”were approved. The Council of veterans of the TOP “trade Union center of Pavlodar region” was created to coordinate the activities of trade unions to work with veterans of trade Union organizations, study the social problems of veterans, create conditions for the development and expansion of social activities of all categories of veterans and pensioners, their active participation in the moral, labor and Patriotic education of youth, expanding the forms and methods of mentoring, implementation of socially significant initiatives.