May 12, 2019 in the city of Nur-Sultan, the opening of the Republican public headquarters of the candidate for the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Amangeldy Taspikhov.

Head of staff, Chairman of the Federation of trade unions of Kazakhstan Bakytzhan Abdirayym noted that trade unions are an integral part of civil society, an important state institution that protects the interests and rights of workers.

“Therefore, from the Federation of trade unions of Kazakhstan, as the largest public organization in the country, we represent our candidate for President of Kazakhstan. We will make every effort to ensure that the elections are fair and transparent in accordance with international standards, ” the chief of staff said.

The headquarters consists of leaders of trade unions, authoritative experts, professional lawyers, scientists and activists of the youth wing “KELESHEK”.

The Republican headquarters coordinates the work of regional public headquarters in all regional centers and cities of national importance, in mono-cities and district centers. The Federation of trade unions of Kazakhstan consists of more than 18,000 primary organizations, in which primary public points are open or will be opened in the near future.

On the basis of the Federation of trade unions, a public reception was established and a hotline was opened. Room Call center: 20-10-90.

Today, all staffs are fully ready to work. Banners, billboards, videos, brochures and other products needed for the fprc candidate’s campaign have been developed and delivered to all regions. In the team of the presidential candidate of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Amangeldy Taspihov more than 2000 people and 2000 volunteers.

More than 400 events are planned as part of the campaign. The candidate and his / her proxies will meet with labor collectives, medical workers, rural workers and other workers in many regions of the country. The platform of the candidate for President of Kazakhstan from the Federation of trade unions of Kazakhstan is aimed at increasing the responsibility of unfair employers, creating safe working conditions, ensuring the labor rights of workers and regulating labor migration.

The first meetings of candidate Amangeldi Taspikhov will be held today in Pavlodar region.