The meeting was attended by Deputy head of the Republican public election headquarters, Chairman of the Trade Union of employees of state, banking institutions Mirbolat Zhakypov, Deputy Chairman of the Federation of trade unions,Chairman of the Trade Union of agricultural workers Egor Kappel, Chairman of the trade Center of Kostanay region Ekaterina smyshlyaeva, as well as more than 50 employees of the railway station in Kostanay.

During the meeting, candidate Amangeldi Taspikhov spoke about five key areas of his election platform — strengthening the responsibility of unscrupulous employers, creating safe working conditions, ensuring workers ‘ labor rights and regulating labor migration.

All directions of the platform directly follow from the main priorities of the Federation of trade unions of Kazakhstan.

First of all, trade unions advocate social stability in the workforce, in society and in the country.

As noted in the election platform of the candidate, ” Labor legislation should provide opportunities and tools for workers to protect their labor and constitutional rights.

Over the past five years, all strikes that have taken place in the country have been declared illegal by the courts because of non-compliance by workers with the requirements procedures, which in turn are so complex as to make them practically unenforceable.

And, as a result, the impossibility of collective bargaining through the conciliation commissions and labour arbitration provided by the Labour Code, force workers to conduct natural strikes»

On the issues of ensuring safe working conditions, Amangeldi Taspikhov noted that safety in the workplace and labor protection are, along with decent wages, the most important condition for working citizens.

— The state and the employer must create all conditions for the employee to return to the family every day healthy and unharmed.

Today in Kazakhstan, every seventh employee is employed in harmful and dangerous working conditions, with an increased risk of suffering at work. Every year more than two hundred workers die in the production.

Employers try to hide the facts about accidents. About 70% of deaths in the workplace are due to the sole fault of the employer. Any case of injury in the workplace should be the responsibility of the employer.

At the legislative level, we will introduce a system of occupational safety management at all enterprises.

We are in favor of supporting socially oriented employers who have successfully implemented a system of labor protection in their production and do not allow industrial injuries, — said A. Taspikhov.

The presidential candidate elaborated on the issues of decent wages.

— The main condition for any working person is a decent wage, which determines the standard of living of the population and ensures social stability of the society as a whole.

Official statistics on the average nominal wage in the country do not reflect the real situation with the incomes of our working citizens.

According to official statistics, only the mining sector and the financial sector have the highest salaries (more than twice the average). But these two spheres make up only 8% of workers.

There is a big difference in income between managers, top managers and ordinary workers, — said Amangeldi Taspikhov.

In conclusion, Amangeldi Taspikhov thanked the railway transport workers and answered their questions, called on all to participate actively in the elections of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan.