The delegation of presidential candidate Amangeldi Taspikhov, which included the Deputy head of the Republican public election headquarters, Chairman of the Branch trade Union of employees of state and banking institutions Mirbolat Zhakypov and Deputy Chairman of the Federation of trade unions, Chairman of the Branch trade Union of agricultural workers Yegor Kappel, Chairman of the trade Center of Kostanay region Ekaterina Smyshlyaeva arrived in Kostanay region.

As part of a working trip to the region, Amangeldi Taspikhov met with the labor collective of the peasant farm “Terra” for the production of commercial and seed vegetables.

The Director of the enterprise Vladimir Semeykin acquainted the delegates with the activities of the farm.

Since 2011 at the enterprise the primary trade-Union organization which members are all 85 workers of a country economy is created and works.

The presidential candidate noted the importance of the work of farmers, as well as the production of environmentally friendly food.

Amangeldi Taspikhov asked about the working conditions of farm workers and acquainted the audience with the key blocks of his election platform.

In his speech, he focused on the issues of observance of the principle of social justice and protection of workers’ rights, touching upon such problematic aspects as low wages, non-compliance with safety at work. In this context, it was noted the need to bring Kazakhstan’s labor sphere in line with international standards and Kazakhstan’s ratification of all the Conventions of the International labor organization.

A common thread in the program of the candidate are measures to support the rural population, including the introduction of preferential housing construction programs, the provision of preferences to employers who create jobs in rural areas, as well as providing a system of training in popular rural specialties.

Then the Deputy head of the Republican public election headquarters Mirbolat Zhakypov spoke to the employees of the enterprise, who spoke about the activities of trade unions to protect the rights and interests of workers, as well as explained the key areas of the election platform of presidential candidate Amangeldi Taspikhov.

Along with this, M. Zhakypov told the participants of the meeting about the life and work of the candidate and his firm beliefs in defending people’s interests.

The contribution of Amangeldi Taspikhov in the promotion of social justice and the protection of the interests of ordinary people at the examples from his life, said Deputy Chairman of the Federation of trade unions, the Chairman of Branch trade Union of workers of agriculture Yegor Kappel.

After reviewing the election program of the presidential candidate Amangeldi Taspikhov, employees of Terra LLP expressed support for his initiatives, which are based on the key priorities of the Federation of trade unions of the Republic of Kazakhstan.