On 16 may, 2019 in the city of Nur-Sultan, the opening of the XIIth Astana economic forum under the motto “Inspiring growth: people, cities, economy.” In the AEF-2019 global economic trends, macroeconomic issues, regional cooperation, urbanism, human capital and technological development are discussed.

In his speech at the session devoted to topical issues of effective and decent work, Chairman of the Federation of trade unions of Kazakhstan Bakytzhan Abdiraim noted, that currently in the economies of many countries serious transformations are continuing under the influence of a new powerful wave of technological revolution.

With technology – artificial intelligence, digitalization, automation and robotics new jobs will be created, but those who will lose their jobs in this time of transition may be the least prepared to take advantage of new opportunities.

In this regard, the system of preparation and retraining of personnel acquires a strategic importance, becoming the main tool for the formation of a skilled and productive workforce.

“For their part, trade unions must actively participate in the issues of retraining redundant workers and their employment to new jobs” — said Bakytzhan Abdiraim.

The issues of ensuring decent working conditions are in constant attention of the trade unions.

“Good working conditions is one of the factors for the welfare of workers and the success of an enterprise. To understand the issues impacting on the welfare and productivity of working women and men — is an important step towards ensuring decent employment for all. This is especially true now, when the world of work is changing under the influence of technical progress and new forms of work organization”.

Further development of labor relations in the light of new forms of employment requires a detailed study and legislative regulation.

Ambiguous assessment of the cause is becoming increasingly common in the world of unstable forms of employment. Agency work is one of them.

According to the Chairman of trade unions of the FPRK train unions pay attention to the fact that extra work leads to a deterioration of the situation of workers and reduction of social and labor standards.

In this regard, the trade Union Federation has made its proposals in the expert group of the Majilis, the Ministry of labor about the need to study this issue and on the issues of legislative regulation of contingent labor in the country.

The trade unions of Kazakhstan are in favor of effective employment of the population, ensuring the rational use of knowledge, abilities and skills of the worker, decent salaries, continuous professional development, opportunity for professional growth and training, employees ‘ motivation to work, good organization of work and rest, safe work environment.