May 18, as it tested the strength of the sports spirit of athletes-teachers who gathered in zhaksyn School №2 on its twentieth anniversary Olympics “Mugalim-2019”. Periodically drizzling rain, sometimes a glimpse of the sun, could not spoil the mood and spirit of rivalry among the audience, but, on the contrary, only strengthened the confidence that the sport no weather is not a hindrance. Opened the Olympics parade of teams greeted each other. Young athletes Zhaksy school # 2 Serik Tolegen Mukhamedzhanov and Akbota Gaponova, doing a lap of honor, raised the flag of the Olympics, and Kuat of Moldahanov and Bibinur Kashkimbaeva lit the fire. The performance of the National Anthem, traditional loaf and shashu – gave solemnity to the main sports event of teaching, which this year was dedicated to the Year of youth. Deputy akim of the district L. S. Seidakhmetova, head of the Department of education A. S. addressed to teachers with the words of congratulations, wishes of good luck, the importance of sports in the life of all Kazakhstanis. Sautova, “Honorary citizen of Zhaksy area” K. B. Sagalova, Chairman of Zhaksy branch profuse of educators K. O. Koshchegulova. Under the loud applause of all present K. O. Koshchegulova presented gifts to veterans of the sport Zholaman Omarov, Utepbergenov Nurzhanov, Anatolia, Kirenko, Belimo Nurkeevo and Casino Bektemirova. In a festive mood and honest wrestling has made the Olympics song and dance numbers prepared by the teachers and pupils of the school.

The accuracy of the eye and sleight of hand needed participants in a sport like towns. The most clever here were athletes Kiminski SSH to them. K. Uskenbaev (Ivan Vasiliev and Bolat Esengulov), Zhaksy school # 2 (Kuat of Moldahanov and Serik Tolegen Mukhamedzhanov) and Ostrovskaya school (Yuri Chapel and oraz Mukhambetzhanov).

The intellectuals, as always, figured out their relationship in such sports as togyzkumalak and chess. In togyzkumalak luck athletes Kiminski SSH to them. K. Uskenbaev (Zhangeldy and Zhazira Utegenova), Belagachsky school (Asylan Satinov and ainash technologies), Zhaksy school No. 1 (the development Koshekov and Ademi Ismailova). Representatives Kiminski SSH to them. K. Uskenbaeva once again confirmed their status as the best chess players. The winning points were brought to the team by Amangeldy Otegenov and Irina Morozova. Duo Amantay Alimbayev and Tatiana Taran from zhaksyn School №2 took second place. The third place team Zhaksy school No. 1 (Aybek Ismailov and Aliya Department).

As always very emotionally and recklessly sorted out the relations of the master of a racket. And this sport was named the best team of the Zaporozhye school (Ilyas Ustaev and Assel Rakhmetova), Zhaksy school # 2 (Anar Rayev and Dmitry Novikov), Arakansas OSH (Erkenaz Dosanov and Erlan built).

Traditionally, school principals and chairmen of primary trade Union organizations came together for draughts. Most definitely figured out all the moves and confidently won the Duo Kiminski SSH to them. K. Uskenbaev Director Gulbarshin of Tokmurzina trade Union zhanargul Alsynbaeva. Second place was taken by the Director Gulsum Meyramova and Union rose seydahmetova of Kiminski SSH to them. G. Abdrakhmanova. Closed the three of leaders of the team Podgornenskiy SSH — Director Altynai Samambaia trade Union Nurlybek Serikbaev.

As always, volleyball gathered a lot of fans. This is probably one of the sports that any sports going, most fans, and that probably worried more than the players themselves. The winners are the team Zhaksy school №1, school Kiminski them. K. Uskenbaeva and zhaksyn School №2.

This year, the final sport was the triathlon, which included such sports as long jump, air rifle shooting, strength gymnastics: push-UPS in women and pull-up on the crossbar in men were combined into one common — “triathlon”. The results of all three types of output are common. And here the best indicator at athletes of Profitable school, Zaporozhye school, zhaksyn School No. 2. The best performance in the individual championship among women was from Tatyana Levitskaya from the Ostrovsky school (84 points), Makagon Tamils (Podgornenskiy school) and Christine Shovel (cost-effective school). Among men the highest score of 108.7 scored teacher Zaporozhye school Ilyas Ustaev. On the second and third places respectively Yuri Lopata (Profitable school) and Evgeny Vedzizhev (zhaksyn School №2).

It should be noted the good work of the judicial team headed by the chief judge A. Alimbayev. All winners were awarded at the closing ceremony of the games. “For the best equipment” was awarded the team Arakansas OSH, Novokievskoe Podgornenskiy and secondary schools.

In the team competition in third place team zhaksyn School №1 (Director Eric shapiev and trade Union Lazat Bekbergenova). Second place went to athletes Kiminski school named K. Uskenbaev (Director

Gulbarshin Tokmurzina and trade Union zhanargul Alshinbaeva). And the winners of the anniversary games, making a kind of gift and the anniversary of the school, which this year is 10 years old, was the team zhaksyn School №2 (Director Dinara Sharipova and trade Union Kuralai sarzhanova).

The flag next the staff room games “Mugalim” transferred to Zaporozhye school.