Died down a long-awaited youth festival “Oti of galinda zhastary” in which took part 5 teams of branch trade unions, as well as more than 200 spectators. Each team approached the festival responsibly, showing a decent level and a good result.

The theme of the festival — the disclosure of trade unions, the goal – to involve young people, raising the level of attractiveness and image of the trade Union movement.

The team was able to show that such a Union through the eyes of the employees of health, education, rail road, agriculture, and public servants.

Absolutely all prepared well, but in a bitter struggle for the championship, won the team “Selected team” branch of the trade Union of state institutions.

The second place went to the team “railway” railway industry.

And the third place of honor was taken by the team “55 Kvartira” branch trade Union of education.

Also on the Instagram page of the TOP “trade Union center of Akmola region” online voting was held in the categories “Audience award” and “Best player” where the team “55 Kvartira” and their participant Malik Almas won by a huge margin

The organizers of the festival “Oti of galinda zhastary” is the territorial Association of trade unions “trade Union center of Akmola region»

Did not remain without attention and the election campaign, which is now engaged around the clock trade unions of the region.

All participants were given booklets, flyers, campaign materials

Results announced!

Winners are happy!!

The audience got a charge of good mood!!!