After holding in Pavlodar scientific-practical conference “Modern trade unions: development, current issues, achievements and innovations”, dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the International labour organization and the 70th anniversary of the Association of trade unions of the Pavlodar region, which was held for the first time in the history of the trade Union movement in the region and considered a range of issues about the role of trade unions in the promotion of the principles of the ILO decent work agenda, on the international legal foundations for social and labor rights in the Republic of Kazakhstan on trade unions as schools of leadership and social partnership, on trade unions as real defenders of workers ‘ interests, on the modernization of trade unions as a response to the challenges of our time, the TOP “trade Union center of Pavlodar region” continues to receive positive responses from the participants of the conference.

Suggestions made by the speakers of the conference: Chairman of the Board of Trustees at Innovative University of Eurasia, doctor of legal Sciences, Professor A. S. Khamzin on research on modernization of trade unions, Professor of Pavlodar state University named after S. Toraigyrov, candidate of historical Sciences T. N. Zozulya. to permit students of PSU. So PSU to undergo training in the trade Union centre on carrying out of sociological researches of the doctor of pedagogical Sciences, Professor Pfeifer N. Uh. on the formation of scientific and methodological base, Chairman of the TOP “trade Union center of Pavlodar region”, master of economic Sciences Aitzhanova D. N. on the call to continue the study of social partnership as one of the directions of the trade Union movement, the inclusion in the subject of dissertations on the modernization of trade unions as a school of leadership and social partnership, the continuation of research in the field of labor, June 04, 2019 were discussed at a meeting of the chairmen of branches of public associations of sectoral trade unions and chairmen of local trade unions with the rector of Pavlodar state University.S. Toraighyrov PSU, doctor of economic Sciences, Professor begentaev by Marama Muhametrahimova.

Chairman of the TOP “trade Union center of Pavlodar region” Aitzhanova D. N. and the leaders of the trade Union movement thanked M. M. Begentayev for scientific cooperation in the process of scientific and practical conference and identified new vectors of cooperation on the implementation of the proposals of scientists on a deeper scientific study of the trade Union movement and its role in the life of civil society.

Following the meeting, the rector of PSU named. S. Toraighyrov Begentaev M. M. was given the book “trade Unions: theory and practice”, issued by the collective of authors under the General editorship of doctor of legal Sciences, Professor, corresponding member of National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Chairman of the ROP “Federation of trade unions of the Republic of Kazakhstan” Bdream of the decade Zharylkasymovich.

In the monograph systematized the history of the development of the trade Union movement in the world and in Kazakhstan, the concept and functions of trade unions as a social institution, provides the international legal basis for activities of trade unions, the experience of trade unions of member States of the OECD and the CIS. Particular attention is paid to the analysis of the current state and legal basis of the trade Union movement in Kazakhstan, identified problems in the activities of trade unions, legislation and law enforcement.