A meeting of the city tripartite Commission on social partnership and regulation of social and labor relations was held in the capital akimat under the chairmanship of the first Deputy akim of the city of Nur-Sultan Nurlan Nurkenov.

In the agenda of the meeting included questions about compliance by employers of labour legislation, including the repayment of arrears of wages, security and labour protection, the situation on the labour market (dismissal of employees, the transition to part-time monitoring provide measures of assistance of employment of released workers); on the measures undertaken to employers committing violations of the labour legislation.

On the territory of the capital there are 47 311 enterprises, which employ 527 016 citizens. Of the total number of enterprises has arrears of wages at current predpriyatiyu one too “Respekt-Stroy 2017” in the amount of 24.6 million tenge in front of 53 employees. And also, there is a current debt in LLP “Shar Kurylys” and LLP “GLB”. With regard to the above-mentioned organizations, the parties to the social partnership are taking all measures to repay the debt.

In the intervening period 2019 проведены203проверок on observance of requirements of labor legislation of the RK, which issued 120предписаний and 85 imposed administrative fines in the amount of 15.1 million tenge.

Since the beginning of the year, 94 employers have submitted notifications on the forthcoming release of employees in connection with the liquidation of the employer, legal entity or termination of activities, reduction of the number or staff of employees.

As a result of the work carried out by the parties of the social partnership for the preservation of jobs, to date, 903 employees have been released in 76 organizations to reduce the number or staff of employees.

The Chairman of the Confederation of tastanbek yessentayev informed members of the Commission on the Recommendations of the Senate Parlment of Kazakhstan the Government of Kazakhstan on amendments to the labour legislation in terms of introduction of effective and accessible forms of physical activity, including production gymnastics that is involved in labour day for all categories of citizens, in order to implement the state goal to reduce industrial injuries and the preservation and enhancement of the health status of the population.

However, tastanbek yessentayev voiced question about 84 workers (the personnel maintenance building) GCE “Zhastar Palace”, which in the transition of the building to the management of “Astana zhastary” si risk losing workplace and vacation days. As a result of the meeting, all the proposals of the capital’s professional Center were accepted.