Today, the priority task of the state is to involve the General population in active physical culture and sports, taking into account their interests and opportunities. Professional associations of East Kazakhstan region also make their efforts to ensure that every citizen of our country led a healthy lifestyle filled with sports and movement.

OO “the national trade Union of workers of railway, road, air and water transport” in the last three years held a tournament on mini-football “Cup of the railway football League GAZPROMTRANS-2019”.

On June 29, 2019, another annual tournament was held among the structural units of the railway industry of the East Kazakhstan region. 5 teams participated in the tournament:

  1. Zashitnika track;
  2. Oskemen operational locomotive depot;
  3. KTZ – Freight transport Ust-Kamenogorsk-1;
  4. Oskemen TransTeleCom;
  5. Too “Spetsservis – Kurylys”.

Following the results of tournament the third place took the team “LLP “Spetsservis – Kurylys”, second place – “KTZ – Freight transport Ust-Kamenogorsk-1”.

The team which took the 1st place, and this year it was “Oskemen operational locomotive depot”, is allowed to participate in regional tournament which will take place in Almaty with participation of teams from Semey and Almaty.