The Federation of Trade Unions of Kazakhstan, under the leadership of the Chairman of the FPRK Bakytzhan Abdırayım, held an extended hardware meeting dedicated to the results of the activities for the first half of 2019.

Summing up the work of the trade unions, the head of the FPRK focused on the results of the implementation of the priorities of the Roadmap for the Modernization of the Federation of Trade Unions of Kazakhstan for 2018-2019, which was based on measures to promote social justice, protection of workers’ rights, as well as the development of social partnerships.

A landmark event in the history of trade unions in Kazakhstan marked the participation of a candidate from the Federation of Trade Unions of Kazakhstan in the presidential elections in June current year.

Bakytzhan Abdırayım stressed that the initiative had greatly improved efficiency and the potential of trade union activities.

Particular emphasis was also placed on the achievements of trade unions in preventing and resolving labour conflicts, conducting public monitoring of labour laws and increasing the role of primary trade union organizations in labour Collectives.

An important result of the work of trade unions was the signing of a memorandum with the International Association of Social Welfare (IASW) on June 17, 2019 in Geneva Concepts of “Zero injuries”.

All this was preceded by active work related to the 2018 FPRC under the auspices of the Year of Safety and Safety, implementation with the programs “Safe Labor”, the republican action “Together to promote the culture of prevention in the field of occupational health and safety, ” “Best Technical Inspector for Occupational Safety and Health” and an increase in the number of occupational health and safety boards.

It was noted that today 14792 thousand production councils have been established and operate in enterprises, of which more than 79.4% are created on the initiative of trade unions. The public control in this matter is carried out by 18,000 technical inspectors from trade unions.

The measures taken reduced the number of persons affected in the workplace by 6.6% (from 1678 to 1568), among other deaths by 11.5% (from 244 to 216).

With the active participation of the Federation of Trade Unions, the Roadmap for reducing industrial injuries and jobs with harmful working conditions in Kazakhstan for 2019-2023 has been approved.

Taking into account the proposals of the FPRK, the Government of Kazakhstan approved the Comprehensive Plan for the Prevention of Social Tensions and Resolution of Social and Labor Conflicts on May 29, 2019.

Trade unions pay special attention to improving the social conditions of workers.

Thus, within the framework of social partnership, the number of existing collective agreements in the country’s enterprises has been increased to 92,645 or 16.1 percent.

An important step in improving the social and labor sector was the participation of trade unions in improving the regulatory framework.

The Federation of Trade Unions has made proposals to the Government in the Labor Code, the Law on Trade Unions to implement the recommendations of the ILO, as well as a number of proposals for the regulation of borrowed labor in Kazakhstan, which have been submitted to Parliament for consideration of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

In conclusion, Bakytzhan Abdırayım outlined a number of tasks to improve the protection of workers’ rights and interests and called on colleagues to actively participate in the work to improve trade union activities in general.