On July 25, 2019, the Pavlodar Region Trade Union Center held a briefing with industry trade unions at the Regional Communications Service of the Pavlodar region.

The briefing was attended by the chairman of the TUTU “Trade Union Center of the Pavlodar region ” Aitzhanova D.N., the head of the Reconciliation Center “Tatalasu Ortalygy” TUTU “Trade Union Center of the Pavlodar region” Ivanova M.A., chairmen of the «Kazakhstan Branch Trade Union Workers of Education and Science of the Pavlodar region» Naurazbayeva G.A., Branch Trade Union Workers of the “SENIM” Tulegenova S.Ch., chairmen of the «Kazakhstan Branch Trade Union Workers of Culture,Sport and Information of the Pavlodar region» Kozbayeva A.Z., Deputy Chairman of the Industrial Mining and Metallurgical Trade Union «Kazprofmetal» of Pavlodar region Daumova R.Zh., Chairman of the «Local Trade Union of Energy Workers of «Pavlodarenergo»» Toleubayev B.K., Chairman of the «Local Trade Union “Oil Refiner” Of P.P.P.P. Vaskina T.G., Chairman of the Trade Union Committee of «Aksu Plant «Kazchrom»»  Sukhoterin N.A.

The media were represented by journalists from ten publications and radio and broadcast channels. Representatives of TV channels Ertis and Irbis, Khalyk radiosy, newspapers «saryarka samaly», «Star of Priirtyshya», «Review of the Week», «Niva», «zaman tynysy», Internet portals,

The topic of the briefing is about the work of trade unions of the Pavlodar region.

In own speech, Aitzhanova D.N. covered the work of the Trade Center on the conclusion and implementation of collective agreements, on raising wages, preventing labor disputes, the work of the Reconciliation Center “Taulasu Ortala” and the work of the Trade Union Center in as a side of social partnership. According to statistics, the current population of the region is 853,000. people actively employed by 390,000 136,000 members of the trade union. thus, one in three of the working-time residents of the region is a member of a trade union.

The Reconciliation Center provided more than 75 citizens with free consultations and conciliation procedures by mediators and employees of the Trade Center in the first six months of 2018, and in 2019 more than 200 people have already benefited from such assistance. In 2018-2019 alone, more than 1,000 people have been trained to prevent conflicts in the workplace through the Center for Mediation in the basics of labor law and conciliation procedures.

Sukhoterin N.A., chairman of the primary trade union organization, spoke about the effect of the collective agreement at the Aksu ferroalloy plant.

The Aksu ferroalloy plant is a branch of the Kazkhrom Multinational Company founded in 1968, is part of the Eurasian Group (ERG), the world’s largest producer of chromium, flint and manganese alloys. Currently, the number of union members is 6,699 employees. According to the collective agreement, compensation of 50 MRP is provided for trade union members for health treatment. At the Aksu ferroalloy plant, the Eurasia Center Profile is organized, where workers and their children rest for free. The Torch Recreation Base accepts factory workers with payment of 35 percent of the cost, the rest at the expense of trade unions.

For treatment and recovery at the Eurasia Medical Center, each employee is allocated 120,000 tenge per year for recovery. 2 physical and recreational centers and a swimming pool factory workers visit for free.

“One of the largest trade unions in the region is the Education and Science Workers’ Union,” said Naurazbayeva G.A., which comprises 13 city and district branches and 611 primary organizations with a total of 40,261 union members.

The most important work is to increase the amount of compensation for the purchase of fuel by teachers living in the countryside; the timely payment of wages, vacations and health benefits is constantly monitored; issues on the separation of boilers from the buildings of educational organizations are solved. Since 2015, at the insistence of the union of 44 such boilers, 29 have been removed and separated from the buildings of educational institutions. One of the effective forms influencing the improvement of work is the introduction of project management bodies into the work of trade union bodies. In order to support young teachers and their active involvement in the union, active work is being carried out to develop youth councils in the trade union.

Speakers answered many questions, including the attitude of the trade unions to the introduction of the 15 % mandatory pension contributions at the expense of employers, about the proposals made in the draft law on the status of teachers.