2019 has been declared as the Year of Youth! This shows that the Republic of Kazakhstan pays great attention to the younger generation, accepts various state programs aimed at ensuring the well-being and development of young people. In the Pavlodar region, young people are the focus of special attention of trade unions, as they are a resource that will ensure a decent future for the trade union movement. At all times of their activity, trade unions paid close attention to the problems of youth, involved them in their ranks, saw it as the successors of the best traditions. Of the 136,000 union members in the region, 38% are young people.

The meeting was held at the Aksu ferroalloy plant – chairman of the Trade Center D. Aitzhanova, chairman of the youth council “Keleshek” G. Atabayeva, vice-chairman of the “Industry Mining and Metallurgical Trade Union”Kazprofmetal” R. Daumova with the trade union workers of the Aksu ferroalloy plant.

D.Aitzhanova congratulated all presented people on the professional holiday of the Metallurgist’s Day and handed out letters of thanks from the Trade Center to the young chairmen of the trade union workshops, to the head of the workshop no.6 K. Mukhametseitov,, an electronics engineer Kuznetsov A.V., electromonter of LDS Ruban A.A., engineer-programmer of ASUT Shotov B.S., laboratory technician LOOS Kovalenko A.A.

As the chairman of the Trade Center D. Aitzhanova noted in her speech, “Working with young people is one of the most important areas of personnel policy and organizational strengthening of the trade union movement. Thus, for the youth of the Company, this is a great opportunity to show themselves from a new side, to initiate socially significant projects, an opportunity to be successful and protected.” Anastasia Kovalenko thanked the Trade Center for congratulating, saying that she has been in the plant’s trade union for 7 years, takes an active part in its work and stressed that young people in the enterprise receive a lot of attention, including in career growth. After all, even the director of our plant Sergei Prokofiev from the age of 18 for the first time crossed the threshold of this plant, devoting his life to this enterprise.

In own speech, the chairman of the youth “Keleshek” G. Atabayeva quoted the words of the First President of the country that “The greatest achievement of Kazakhstan and the biggest result of my work as head of the state is that we have raised a new generation of Kazakhstanis, which I see.” She called on the youth of the plant to be patriots of their state, to support all social initiatives, to be loyal to the trade union movement, to promote these ideas as much as possible in the youth environment, to promote their implementation as much as possible.

At the end of the meeting, R. Daumova, Vice-Chairman of the Industry Mining and Metallurgical Trade Union of Kazprofmetal, thanked the representatives of the Trade Center for their attention to the working youth of one of the leading enterprises. The mining and metals industry, assuring that the trade union together with employers will always do a great job to protect the rights and interests of the human rights of work and create conditions that ensure the dignified life and free development of young people.