During the visit of the Chairman of the Federation of trade unions to the southern region of Kazakhstan, the signing ceremony of the Memorandum of mutual cooperation between the Federation of trade unions of Kazakhstan and akimat of Shymkent was held.

The document was signed by the head of the FPRK Baytan BDRip and akim Yerlan aytakhanov to improve and further develop social partnership in the labor sphere.

During the meeting, akim of Shymkent Yerlan Aitakhanov noted the important role of trade unions in improving the welfare of workers in the labor market.

“Today, the Federation of trade unions is the largest public organization in the country, which unites more than 2 million people, more than two thousand primary trade Union organizations, including 414 in Shymkent, which are the main mediators between employers and employees, helping to resolve labor disputes, protect the rights of workers, improve their working conditions. As noted by Elbasy, the Federation of trade unions, taking responsibility for the modernization of the labor sphere, together with employers, should be the driving force of social adaptation of Kazakhstan to the new conditions of the Fourth industrial revolution,” Erlan Aitakhanov said.

In turn, the Chairman of the FPRK Baytan BDRip stressed the importance of the Memorandum, Recalling that the Federation of trade unions embarked on the development of social partnership, as well as the effective protection of socio-economic and labor rights and interests of the working Man.

“The main purpose of the trade Union is to protect the rights and interests of workers. In this regard, within the framework of meetings with 70 representatives of large and medium-sized enterprises of Shymkent, the issue of increasing the minimum wage by 1.5 times was considered. Today, this issue has been resolved positively, and the wages of 16,722 employees at 261 enterprises increased by an average of 22%. For example, today I would like to note that the wages of employees of PetroKazakhstan oil products LLP is the highest in the oil and gas industry of Kazakhstan, and the collective agreement is recognized as the best in the country,” the head of FPRK said.

To date, Shymkent trade unions have met with 39 labor collectives on issues of increasing wages, labor protection and safety of workers with the participation of heads of enterprises and institutions, held 13 seminars, which were attended by more than 7 thousand people. As a result of this work, 9 trade unions with 287 members were opened. The total number of trade unions in Shymkent is 414 organizations, which include 33148 members.

Press service of the Federation of trade unions