13 August 2019, the representatives of the Federation of trade unions of the Republic of Kazakhstan and Fund “COOP” met with the builders Corporation “NAK” in the city Nur-Sultan.

During the meeting, the issues of safety at work, the formation of a culture of work of the capital’s construction enterprises were raised.

In his speech, the Chairman of the trade Union center of Nur Sultan Tastanbek Esentayev spoke about the state of Affairs on the capital’s construction sites and compared them with world practice. Unfortunately, the figures and comparisons given by the Chairman were not in favor of domestic builders. They were given explanations about the study of these issues by Kazakh construction companies in order to reduce and prevent deaths in the workplace and strengthen safety measures for workers.

State inspector of work, Nur-Sultan Diaz by Bektemirov, statistics were presented for the first half of 2019, in which were specified the number of accidents caused by the employer and not by the observance of safety on the production side of the workers. He gave explanations and advice on preventing such cases in the future and on administrative and criminal liability on the part of the employer.

Vice-President of the Kazakhstan sports and recreation society of trade unions Bakhytzhan Eszhanov read a report on the topic: “Effective methods of improving the health of workers” through the impact of exercise, sports and “FizKult-pauses” on the second, fifth and seventh hours of working time. In these time intervals, it is scientifically proven that production efficiency improves by 10-15 percent per day!        The meeting was held on a positive note, where employees were asked questions and received qualified answers from professional speakers of the leaders of the trade Union movement of the capital.