In 2013, the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Population of the Republic of Kazakhstan jointly with the National Chamber of Entrepreneurs “Atameken” and the Federation of Trade Unions of the Republic of Kazakhstan launched a pilot project to implement the voluntary declaration of the employer’s activities to observe the labor rights of workers.

The project aims to prevent industrial accidents, protect the interests of workers and increase the social responsibility of employers in their work to improve working conditions in the current year. It should be noted that the pilot project is being implemented in four areas, including Pavlodar. The decision is made by a special commission based on the “presumption of veracity” of the employer. In the case of a positive assessment of the commission, the company receives a “Certificate of Confidence” and is included in the Register of employers, guaranteed to observe the labor rights of workers. In addition, the “Certificate of Confidence” exempts enterprises from inspections and other forms of control for the implementation of the labor legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan for a period of three years.

On September 11, 2019, a meeting of the commission on declaring the employer’s activities to observe the labor rights of workers was chaired by the head of A.Kapanov , with the participation of the chairman of the Pavlodar TOP D. Aitzhanova , in the State Institution “Labor Administration of the Pavlodar Region”. The meeting reviewed materials on the enterprises of GROUPKSM LLP and the Pavlodar Car Repair Depot Branch of «Қамкор Вагон» LLP. These enterprises voluntarily declared their activities to comply with the labor rights of their employees, providing all the necessary data to the commission created by the Labor Department of the Pavlodar region. Having examined the documents submitted by the partnerships, the commission on declaring the employer’s activities to comply with labor rights, guided by the “presumption of veracity” of the employer, taking into account the compliance of the company with all labor law requirements, decided to present a certificate of trust to the «Қамкор Вагон» LLP Branch and GROUP KSM LLP “.

It is pleasant to note that the «Қамкор Вагон» LLP car-repair enterprise operates the primary trade union organization, which is a member of the «Қамқор Магистраль» Industrial Trade Union of Transport Repair Enterprises, a collective agreement has been adopted, according to which the category of workers is reviewed annually, financial assistance is provided for rehabilitation and paid study leave and additionally for many years of work experience. The awarded certificate of trust is the result of strict compliance by the enterprise with the labor legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, which makes it possible not only to confirm its status as a responsible employer, but also to avoid the inappropriate mobilization of labor resources, remove administrative barriers and other costs of the employer.

The social partners agreed to hand over certificates of trust to the winners to enterprises at the site of the Trade Union Center of Pavlodar Region in the near future.