Chairman of the Federation of Trade Unions of the Republic of Kazakhstan Yeraly Tugzhanov visited the largest enterprises of the Aktobe region engaged in the processing of agricultural products – the Ramazan bakery and the Ice dairy company.

The head of FPRK got acquainted with the activities of enterprises.

The Ramadan company is the only manufacturer of bakery products in the Aktobe region, from grain cultivation to bread production.

The production capacity of the enterprise allows producing up to 150 tons of finished products per day, in cost terms this figure is – 2.5 million dollars.

The company employs 324 people. The average monthly salary of employees is 133 thousand tenge.

During a meeting with the Chairman of the Federation of Trade Unions, the labor collective of the Ramadan company, the primary trade union organization of the enterprise was created.

Today, the parties sealed the social guarantees of workers by signing a collective agreement.

Yeraly Tugzhanov supported the initiative of bakers and congratulated on joining the country’s trade union movement.

“What are trade unions today? This is an increase in the status of the Man of Labor, this is the protection of social and labor rights, this is safe jobs, this is the increase of competencies and skills, this is a decent salary,” said the Head of the FPRK.

The next point of visit was Ice Dairy

Over the 20 years of its existence, the enterprise has evolved from a cream-curd shop to a high-tech modern enterprise of a complete cycle “from field to counter” and today it is a leader in the production of dairy products on the country’s market.

The enterprise includes a dairy farm with a capacity of 7200 tons of milk per year, irrigated feed production on an area of 850 hectares, a processing plant with a capacity of up to 50 tons per day.

The company does not remain aloof from social responsibility, helping large families of its employees, single mothers and pupils of the Tamdinsky orphanage.

The enterprise has established the Kamkorshylyk charity foundation, Caring.

Today, the total number of employees of the plant is 400 people.

At a meeting with the Chairman of the FPRK, the company management expressed its intention to adopt the best practices of social partnership and in the near future to create a primary trade union organization at the enterprise.

Yeraly Tugzhanov noted the readiness of the FPRK to provide all kinds of advisory support to this initiative.