The Chairman of the Federation of Trade Unions visited the Clinic Daru Rehabilitation Medical Center in Aktobe.

At a meeting with the clinic’s workforce, issues of protecting the social and labor rights of healthcare workers were discussed.

Yeraly Tugzhanov an important role of doctors in protecting public health and providing effective medical care.

The medical center provides in-patient qualified specialized care based on unique rehabilitation techniques in the field of pediatrics, therapy, defectology, cardiology and gastroenterology.

The medical staff of the center specializes in leading clinics in Germany, Switzerland, Israel, the Czech Republic, Slovenia, Turkey, and Korea. The clinic is equipped with medical equipment of an expert class of leading world companies.

The head of the FPRK noted the uniqueness of the rehabilitation experience of the “Daru” center, which should be disseminated, including to reduce occupational diseases associated with production.

“More than 300 thousand people work in harmful and dangerous working conditions. We identified this problem at a Government meeting and as a result, it was decided to create an interdepartmental working group to analyze and develop proposals on this issue,” the Chairman of the Federation of Trade Unions emphasized.

At the same time, he expressed readiness to assist in the development of socially-oriented projects and the availability of high-tech medical services for the general population.

The medical center employs 514 people, all of them are union members.