Zhaktau metallurgian profession will control the transport issue in together with the city akim

January 22 this year a meeting of the trade union activist with Galym Ashimov, akim of the city of Temirtau, took place in the trade union center “Zhaktau”. The reason was the transport issue, union representatives spoke about the problems that the workers of the plant have been confronted with for a long time: long bus intervals, especially during peak hours; the need to extend the 14th bus route; indiscipline of individual drivers who do not pick up workers from final stops; the condition of roads in winter, icy “rolls” that can lead to traffic accidents. The trade union activist has repeatedly raised all these questions before the leadership of transport enterprises and the city department of housing and communal services, but no noticeable changes have occurred.

The meeting turned out to be quite informative: Galym Ashimov informed how the carriers’ work was controlled in the city of metallurgists, what requirements are placed on them and the vehicles on their balance sheet; noted that the “transporters” receive considerable subsidies to maintain the fleet, which, by the way, so far “removes” the issue of increasing the cost of travel in public transport. The main problem of carriers, according to the akim, is the weak work of the operating services, since the correct organization of the transport process directly depends on them, which ideally should lead to the most efficient work with a minimum of costs, as you know, many problems of carriers are associated with a lack of funds.

The meeting discussed not only transport problems. Alibek Alpyspayev, chairman of the Nur Otan party branch working at ArcelorMittal Temirtau JSC, who was present at the meeting, raised questions about the prospects for building the 10th and 11th microdistricts of the city and the restoration of elevators in Temirtau houses (on behalf of the oblast akim Zhenis Kasymbek). According to Galym Ashimov, it is planned to allocate 460 land plots for housing development in the new microdistricts. At present, work has already begun on conducting communications for the livelihoods of residential areas, as well as gasification of a new part of the city.

A program is also being prepared for the restoration of the elevator economy, for a start, houses will be identified where this should be done first. In just two years, they plan to replace and launch more than 80 elevators in the city of metallurgists.

In conclusion, it was decided to hold such meetings at least once a quarter to discuss all emerging issues. The city akim invited representatives of the trade union to their reporting meeting on February 4, this year, where they will have the opportunity to ask questions to the heads of local government bodies responsible for the housing and communal sector.