About TOP operations told at the meeting with the FOOD MASTER company’s Sut prospective

Chairman of the TOP “Trade Union Center of Pavlodar Region” Aitzhanova D.N. together with the chairman of the branch of the NGO “Industrial Trade Union of Agricultural Workers in the Pavlodar Region” Surma P.E. met with the trade union committee and the management of SUT Joint-Stock Company, which employs over 220 people.

Addressing the representatives of the labor collective, D. Aytzhanova spoke about the mission of the Territorial Union of Trade Unions as a representative of all workers in the region, resolving issues of social partnership, the work of the Tatulas Ortalygy Reconciliation Center, the work of regional unions in concluding collective agreements, the work of technical inspectors of trade unions and conciliation commissions on consideration of individual labor disputes. “Only in 2019, the Trade Union Center was trained in the basics of labor legislation and mediation technologies, the ability to negotiate more than 1,600 members of conciliation commissions and representatives of a trade union asset, the hotline 87053432412 is operating on an ongoing basis to quickly respond to safety violations, and public enterprises are in the region in the field of labor protection, 1,223 technical inspectors are part of 840 production councils; more than 640 residents of the region received free legal assistance yuzny center is always ready to accept people of the region, regardless of union membership in the public reception of the trade unions and to assist in solving urgent problems “, – said D.Aytzhanova

Chairman of the Board of Sut JSC Taran S.V. spoke about the release of more than 48 types of dairy products in Sut JSC, which are in great demand among the residents of the region. Since 2009, Sut JSC has been part of the FOOD MASTER company under the Kazakh-French project. The company carried out a comprehensive modernization, reconstructed basic equipment, increased capacity, and personnel underwent professional retraining.

The meeting participants were given the opportunity to taste dairy products manufactured at the enterprise.

Chairman of the branch of the branch union of agricultural workers Surma P.E. spoke about the great work being done at SUT JSC to provide social guarantees through the adoption of a collective agreement not only for employees of SUT JSC, but also 92 labor veterans on well-deserved rest.

Head of the Conciliation Center “Tatulasu Ortalygy” Ivanova M.A. spoke about the implementation of the Pilot Projects of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Kazakhstan “Reconciliation before court, in court” and “Prevention of labor disputes and disputes in the field of public law relations”, by the execution of which all citizens of the region have the right to visit the Conciliation Center at a convenient time, receive free of charge legal advice and, if necessary, with the participation of a professional mediator to go through the mediation procedure.

Chairman of the trade union committee Khabibulina O.V. spoke about the conclusion of a new collective agreement in 2019 with the provision of benefits and advantages to union members and production veterans.

The representatives of the labor collective received comprehensive answers to all the questions asked, thanked for the meeting and expressed their desire to undergo training in the basics of labor legislation at the site of the Trade Union Center, which will be implemented in February 2020.