Pavlodar region trade unions urge all employers to join the world health organization project

The creation of healthy jobs, the improvement of workers’ health, the prevention of occupational and general illnesses was dedicated to the seminar on the theme “Ensuring healthy jobs is the foundation for the successful development of society”, held on January 21, 2019 at the “Trade Union Center of Pavlodar Region” JSC “Kaustik”. The event was attended by representatives of the RSU “Department of quality and safety control of goods and services of Pavlodar region”, GU “Pavlodar city administration of the Department of quality control and safety of goods and services of Pavlodar region”, Regional Chamber of Entrepreneurs “Atameken”, heads of departments of labor protection of large enterprises, chairmen of branches of sectoral, local and primary trade union organizations of the energy, coal mining, oil refining, engineering, pipe-rolling industries th production, agriculture, health, post and culture, managers of health centers of enterprises.

The venue of the seminar was not chosen by chance, because JSC Caustic is one of the seven enterprises in the region that joined the implementation of the WHO Healthy Jobs project in Kazakhstan.

Opening the seminar, Chairman of the TOP “Trade Union Center of the Pavlodar Region” Aitzhanova D.N. in her welcoming remarks, the “Healthy Jobs Project” creates a set of programs to preserve and improve the health of the working population, affects the formation of an environmentally friendly work environment, affects safety and well-being in a psychosocial work environment and reduces stressful production factors, supports the personal potential of an employee’s health workplace and their physical activity, which is a priority in the work of trade unions aimed at protecting the interests of Che for centuries of Labor. ”

The work of JSC “Caustic” on the project “Healthy Jobs” was described by the head of the department of labor protection and safety and civil defense NL Akinshina “Having concluded a memorandum of cooperation with the State Institution“ Department of Quality and Safety of Goods and Services of Pavlodar Region ”in December 2019, our company submitted an application for joining the project, by order of the enterprise created a working group of 27 people, drew up a work plan and started risk analysis of each workplace and a passport of the health status of each employee. The collective agreement of the enterprise provides for the provision of one working day to an employee to check his health, undergo a medical examination and screening. A study of the working conditions and the health status of each employee made it possible to determine production risks, the need to modernize certain jobs, improve the health of individual workers, send them to spa treatment, introduce physical rest pauses, send them to sports and physical education in gyms and gyms, ” – the speaker noted.

Head of the Department for Coordination of Intersectoral Cooperation of the RSU “Department of Quality Control and Safety of Goods and Services of Pavlodar Region” Abdrakhmanova K.T. spoke about the project of the World Health Organization “Healthy jobs”, which was introduced in the Republic of Kazakhstan in 2002. “At present, 7 enterprises of the region have signed a cooperation agreement and have begun to implement a work plan for the rehabilitation of employees of enterprises, have already drawn up a“ workplace profile ”and a“ health passport ”of employees. The Healthy Jobs project will provide an opportunity to combine issues such as occupational health and healthy lifestyles, safe behavior and personal hygiene, food hygiene and safe food, mental health and access to preventive health care, which will create the basis for healthy jobs. Currently, the project “Healthy jobs” is being actively implemented at enterprises with the participation of trade unions in JSC “Caustic”, at B. Nurzhanov Ekibastuz State District Power Station-2, ”the speaker summed up.

Chairman of the Public Association “Local Workers of the Power System Pavlodarenergo” Toleubaev B.K. He called on everyone to support the Healthy Jobs project as part of the work program on safety and labor protection. “Almost every day, technical inspectors elected by the trade union committee exercise public control over the safety of labor processes. The indispensability of public control is proved, which serves as an impulse to increase the number of technical inspectors at manufacturing enterprises. At present, Caustic JSC has supported the Healthy Jobs project, is actively working on its implementation at the enterprise, since we consider it important to work on the prevention of occupational and general diseases, help each employee maintain his health, and facilitate timely detection and treatment of diseases , involve workers in sports and physical education. Our local union annually holds sports and athletics meetings, has a dispensary “Energetik”, enterprises are equipped with health centers. ”

The seminar participants not only supported the call of the Trade Union Center of the region to become participants in the “Healthy Jobs” project, but also the proposal of the chairman of the Territorial Association Aitzhanova D.N. introduce a physical training pause at enterprises and organize trips of narrow medical specialists.