Professor from Italy and Philippines at the “Keleshek” dialogue site

In the modern world, the trade union movement plays a significant role in the socio-political life of each country. Trade unions in many countries are the main defenders of the interests of working categories of the population before employers, contribute to the realization of workers’ rights, improve working conditions and ensure an appropriate level of wages.

Professionals from the Philippines and Italy, Elena Secondo, Ildefenso Neil Ryan, and Tarroza Rogelio, spoke about this and not only spoke with representatives of the Keleshek Youth Council of the Trade Union Center of the West Kazakhstan Region. During the meeting, foreign guests teaching at higher educational institutions of Uralsk were asked questions about the differences in the study of labor disciplines, about the rules for admission to different positions, and about the assessment of workers’ abilities. Ildefenso Neil Ryan, Tarroza Rogelio – professors from the Philippines said that the teaching profession in their country is very honorable, that it is divided into different categories, on which their employment and wages depend.

The professors also shared information on the unions of the Philippines, which have powerful power as a political party. In turn, the representative of Italy Elena Secondo, speaking about youth employment, noted that many Italians retire very late, and therefore, it is difficult for the young generation to find work by profession and therefore many people leave for different countries. With great enthusiasm, the guests of the meeting noted the friendliness of the Kazakh people and students of ZKGU im. M. Utemisova. During the year of classes, they saw the desire and interest of many young people to learn a foreign language and plan to prepare groups of students – West Kazakhstani students for passing international exams by the end of the school year.