For the first time the “Tatulas ortalya” of the EKR professional introduce practice of conciliation at the stage of performance of judicial acts

Representatives of the Tatulasu Ortalygy Center of Reconciliation Center of the Territorial Association of East Kazakhstan Trade Unions and the East Kazakhstan Oblast Court held a joint Round Table. It was attended by representatives of regional trade unions and trade union committees of enterprises and organizations, as well as ethno-cultural centers of the region. The meeting was held within the walls of the House of Friendship – the Center for Public Accord of East Kazakhstan region.

The round table was opened by the head of the secretariat of the Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan of East Kazakhstan region Zhanna Askarova, giving the floor to Kairat Kuandykov, deputy chairman of the East Kazakhstan Trade Center. He informed those present about the work being done by the trade unions on the prevention of labor disputes and conflicts, the resolution of disputes before the court, including with the participation of mediators of the Center for Reconciliation.

Also among the speakers was a judge of the regional court, chairman of the union of judges and coordinator of conciliation procedures for East Kazakhstan region Eldos Zhumaksanov. He, in turn, spoke about the implementation of pilot projects of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Kazakhstan, such as a night judge in administrative courts, insurance and bank ombudsmen. The result of their implementation, he said, was a significant reduction in claims in these categories of cases.

The interim results of the work of the Center for Reconciliation of the Roundtable participants were introduced by the head Elizabeth Abdrakhmanova.

– Last year, 107 disputes out of 134 ended with the reconciliation of the parties, more than 60 events were held, the coverage of which amounted to more than 3,000 people, over 300 people were consulted free of charge, the speaker noted.

According to Elizaveta Abdrakhmanova, for the first time this year, the East Kazakhstan Oblast Court, the Department of Justice, the Regional Chamber of Private Bailiffs and the Center for Reconciliation agreed on cooperation in resolving disputes arising from the execution of judicial acts. Within the framework of the signed document, the parties intend to implement joint projects, including measures to develop conciliation procedures and the practice of peaceful pre-trial conflict resolution at the stage of enforcement proceedings.

At the end of the meeting, VTB Bank representatives presented their financial “products” and services to the public.

The participants of the round table expressed their gratitude to the organizers of the round table, noting the importance and relevance of the work carried out by the trade unions, the Center for Reconciliation and the regional courts.