TOP Mangystau region: With confidence in tomorrow!

Collective-contractual regulation of labor relations at enterprises of the oil and gas industry through the signing of a collective agreement is the guarantor of social stability, protection of labor rights and interests of Kazakhstani oil workers.

JSC “Mangistaumunaigas” is the enterprise that laid the foundation for the rapid development of the oil industry in Mangistau. In the thousands of employees of the leading oil company of the republic, it has become the norm to meet important events in the life of the country with significant industrial achievements, solidarity of people and the continuity of glorious labor traditions.

On February 26, 2020, JSC Mangistaumunaigas, thanks to the fruitful work of the bilateral commission and the assistance of the ex-Chairman of the Federation of Trade Unions of the Republic of Kazakhstan Eraly Tugzhanov, signed a Collective Agreement for 2020-2022, the heads of the company and the local trade union, which provide social guarantees for the protection of labor rights , payment, labor protection, health and recreation of company employees.

During the negotiations and the development of the draft Collective Agreement, a large joint work of the trade union organization with the employer was carried out, several times the draft document was discussed in the labor collective of the company, joint consultations were held with the participation of a member of the General Council of the Federation of Trade Unions of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the branch tripartite commission for social partnership, the chairman of the Kazakhstan branch trade union of the oil and gas complex of Sultan Kaliyev and Doctor of Law, professor, expert on social and labor relations solutions of the industry trade union Enlik Nurgaliyev.

The concrete result of constructive negotiations and mutual understanding of the trade union and the company’s management was the increased size of payments to workers raising children with disabilities, payments to anniversaries, in the event of marriage registration, childbirth and much more. In general, social spending in the new edition of the contract compared to the previous contract increased by 1.5 billion tenge per year.

In his welcoming speech, the First Deputy General Director of Mangistaumunaigas JSC Kalbay Izmukhanov noted the important place of a working man and the importance of such a document as a collective agreement. He was also told that, as part of the implementation of the state program of the First President – the Leader of the nation “Digital Kazakhstan”, the joint-stock company Mangistaumunaigas continues to introduce innovative technologies into production. The use of digital technologies allows us to solve many problems: building a modern production management system; receiving information from technological objects in real time; improving energy efficiency and the level of automation of the oil field.

Oilmen were also congratulated by the chairman of the territorial union of trade unions of the Mangistau region, Meirzhan Tumanov, who noted that with the new collective agreement, workers will feel confidence in the future, which ultimately will positively affect the company’s production activities.

All speculation and gossip about conflicts on the basis of the discussion of the draft collective agreement are now left behind. The working commission fulfilled its task in full within the framework of labor legislation and, in gratitude to each other, at a ceremony, the parties exchanged letters of thanks. The city-forming enterprise operates in a stable operating mode, despite the unstable nature of the local weather.