Heroes in white coats

Since the Declaration of a state of emergency in the country, the Government and society have been faced with the task of preventing the spread of coronavirus infection. The main priority is to protect the population. All the services that are on the front line in the fight against the dangerous virus are involved in these difficult days. These are primarily doctors and hospital medical staff.

All forces are thrown into the fight against the coronavirus infection. Infectious hospitals, dispensaries, and quarantine hospitals have been set up in Almaty.

Gulnara Zhumadilova is a doctor of the highest category of the Kazakh scientific center for a dermatologist and infectious diseases (KSCDID), which hosted a quarantine hospital, is one of those who for more than a month away from home and family.

“We all do our job, despite the risks, conditions, and circumstances. But no matter how hard it is for us, we know that it is harder for our patients. We carry out identification, transfer to other hospitals, and treatment of patients with comorbidities, thermometer, and psychological assistance. Strict discipline is important for all patients and doctors, especially in the framework of a state of emergency. A lot of things happened during the month, and now you can’t remember them all at once. The moral support of relatives and friends was always palpable. The administration of our CNCDS for any issues tried in a short time to solve them. Some situations in the process of work are now remembered with humor. 12-14 people all this time worked together and lived as one family, sharing their sorrows and joys,” says Gulnara Zhumadilova.

At all times and in any country – doctors, doctors are those to whom we trust our most valuable – our health. And today they are risking their own health, leaving their families and children, fighting a dangerous virus to prevent its further spread, fighting for our health and well-being. But they are very modest and do not consider it a feat. People in white coats, a low bow to you, and words of gratitude to YOU on behalf of thousands of Kazakhstanis.