The Executive Committee of the Federation of Trade Unions of the Republic of Kazakhstan (FPRK) is considering membership of the General Confederation of Trade Unions as a member organization (CGT).

Due to the quarantine activities in Kazakhstan, the Executive Committee’s agenda was considered and voting took place by-poll.

According to the results of voting, members of the Executive Committee of the Federation of Trade Unions, a unanimous decision was taken to join the Council.

Noting the agreement reached, Satybaldy Daulealin, Chairman of FPRK, noted the importance of strengthening trade union relations with international partners in the face of a sharp decline in global economic growth and a weakening of social protection for workers.

“The world’s trade unions are currently facing new and complex challenges that cannot be met without effective collaboration. At the same time, the General Confederation of trade unions has considerable potential for organizing actions of support and solidarity, cooperation, and exchange of experience. We are convinced that only by uniting efforts for the effective protection of social and economic interests of workers, we can together overcome the crisis», noted the Chairman of the Federation of Trade Unions of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The members of the Executive Committee of the Federation of Trade Unions agreed that the accession of the Federation of Trade Unions to the MAC would strengthen the position of the trade union movement of the country at the international level.

The General Confederation of Trade Unions has been requested to join.

Reference: The General Confederation of Trade Unions is an international trade union association established on a voluntary basis by trade union associations of independent States and international trade union associations. It was formed on April 16, 1992.

The CPSU was created in order to consolidate the actions of CPSU members to protect the social, labor, professional, economic and other legal rights and interests of workers in the CIS countries and other foreign countries where CPSU members operate, the rights and guarantees of trade unions, and to promote international trade Union solidarity.

The GCTU comprises 10 national trade unions and 26 international trade union associations.

The association represents the interests of its members in the Commonwealth of Independent States, Eurasec, and has permanent consultative status with the International Labour Organization and the United Nations.

As a regional non-governmental organization with permanent status with the Economic and social Council and the Department of public information of The United Nations, the WCP welcomes the course of the UN to build a real social dimension in world politics and promotes

and promotes its important initiatives in this direction, contributes to the implementation of the 2030 Agenda for sustainable development.

Press service of the Federation of Trade Unions