An online joint reception was held

In accordance with the Memorandum on joint activities to protect labor rights and improve working conditions of workers, signed between Nur Otan party and Federation of trade Unions of the Republic of Kazakhstan for prompt resolution of complaints of citizens on 26 June 2020, Deputy Chairman of the Pavlodar regional branch of the party Nur Otan Terenchenko I. S. and Chairman of the TOP “trade Union center of the Pavlodar region”, Deputy of Pavlodar regional maslikhat Aitzhanova D. N. held regular reception of citizens online.

The Online Reception Centre is set up for consultation on labour legislation, operates every fourth Friday of the month from 9 hours to 13 hours, The number of contacts is recorded on the telephone of the hotline of the Pavlodar branch of the Nur Otan Party 87084040444 and the telephone of the hotline of the Trade Union Centre of Pavlodar Oblast 87053432412.

Today, the online reception has reviewed six applications concerning the issues of delayed payment of wages, clarification of the procedure for receiving social benefits in connection with the loss of work in the amount of 42500 tenge, the procedure for registration of labor relations, the procedure for imposing disciplinary penalties, payment of compensation for unused leave, and the legality of dismissal. According to one of the petitions of citizen D. it transpired that he and 16 other employees worked as welders in the LLC, which was building a mini-factory. They began work without employment contracts. After working for a period of two months, the Director of the LLC did not pay the salaries due to a delay in payment by the employer.

The applicant requested clarification on the procedure for recovery of unpaid wages.

Respecting the principle of confidentiality, the petitioner was explained the means of recovery, including through the Trade Union Conciliation Centre «Tatulasu Ortalı» for the settlement of a labour dispute on the payment of wages without recourse to the court through the mediation agreement.

The online reception will continue on August 28, 2020.