All issues related to the regulation of social and labor relations are resolved at the negotiating table and on the basis of current legislation. One of the main and priority areas of the Federation of trade unions is the development of social partnership.

Kazakhstan has a strong legislative framework for the development of social partnership. The Labor code of the Republic of Kazakhstan contains 32 articles out of 204 that define norms for the development of social partnership and the settlement of collective relations in the sphere of labor.

Kazakhstan’s trade unions fully support the ideology of social partnership. Trade unions do not carry out actions that violate social peace, because the country’s legislation recognizes trade Union rights and provides employees with state social guarantees.

Trade unions in Kazakhstan are full representatives of employees. This is stipulated in paragraph 44 of paragraph 1 of article 1 of the Labor code of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The parties to the social partnership are the state represented by the relevant Executive bodies, employees and employers represented by their representatives authorized in accordance with the established procedure.

In Kazakhstan, the trade Union movement in the conditions of market relations is gaining experience. In recent decades, major changes have taken place in the country, which have led to a significant transformation of socio – economic development and the activities of trade unions. The legal framework has also changed. The goal of trade unions remains unchanged-the protection of labor and socio – economic rights of employees.

The challenges of the time require trade unions in Kazakhstan to carry out all-round reform and update their activities. To do this, you need to study and use your own experience, lessons learned by trade unions in other countries of the world, and develop existing sprouts of new ones.

Taking into account the political, socio-economic situation, current legislation, experience and practice of interaction between state and representative bodies, employers ‘ associations with trade unions, opportunities for broad development of social partnership, trade unions in Kazakhstan can play a role in the global trade Union movement.

Social partnership and social dialogue are the most important attributes of a democratic state, which will always focus on regulating the relationship between employees and employers.


Acting Chairman

Federation of city Nur-Sultan Т.Kunadilov

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