In the rubric “How do you live, primary?” we will talk about the work of the primary trade union organization “Industry Union of Workers of the Construction Complex and Housing” in Almaty.

«Almatyinzhstroy» JSC has maintained a reputation as a reliable construction company for more than 50 years. The principle of quality construction has been laid since the founding of the holding in 1961. At that time it was called the specialized state trust “Almaataspetstroy.” Now «Almatyinzhstroy» JSC Holding is a large construction organization that has more than 23 branches and affiliated enterprises in different regions of Kazakhstan. Dozens of large and ambitious projects were built by the builders of the holding during these half-century.

The main and main value of the company is its team and stability in it. As a result of their high diligence, integrity, competent and prompt resolution of any production issues, the experience of work in the system of «Almatyinzhstroy» JSC each of them is an amazing amount of time from 24 to 50 years.

For example, Yuri Popov, the chief technical officer of UMMR-6 LLP, has worked for 37 years; Shin Bronislaw worked here for 50 years, of which he has been the head of the company for 32 years; Gubenko Alexander Grigoryevich – 39 year old director of FMR-4; Ismayilov Alipasha Afraimovich – deputy general director, Inyucin Vladimir Grigoryevich – machinist of the crane, Stolyarov Nikolai Petrovich – driver, Filonov Alexander – the machinist of heavy crane, Popov Sergey Pavlovich – locksmith worked for 38 years; Tishin Vladimir Grigoryevich, the director of FMR-1, gave his native company for 36 years.

Thanks to the coordinated cooperation of the employer and the trade union organization, as well as the mutually beneficial collective agreement, the company employs not only highly qualified professionals who worked up to 50 years, but also formed more than twenty dynasties.

One of these is the Dynasty of Goloborodkin whose total work experience is 115 years. This amazing dynasty includes Valery Goloborodkin, who is a foreman of gas welders and has been working in the JSC AIS system for 43 years, as well as a brother and two sons.

The founder of another dynasty is Lev Stepantsov, who has been working hard in the collective for 38 years. In addition to him work two more brothers and a son.

The Kashir dynasty has a total of 123 years of experience in JSC AIS. The founder of the Kashirov dynasty is Viktor Ivanovich, who started as a mechanic for repairing machinery and passed the stage of service growth: foreman of repair equipment, the chief mechanic of the department. His son Kashirov Andrei Viktorovich, after graduating from the Alma-Ata Energy College and serving in the army, came to work as a locksmith in FMR-2 of «Almatyinzhstroy». He graduated from the Kazakh Academy of Transport and Communications with the qualification of “mechanical engineer” on his job. Kashirov’s grandson Yevgeny Andreevich, after graduating from high school, the College of New Technologies and the Kazakh Road University named after L.B. Goncharov, joined the company as a locksmith at FMR-2. Now he works as the head of the RMM FMR4 section of «Almatyinzhstroy». And there are about twenty such amazing dynasties in Almaty.

For 50 years, the company “Almatyinzhstroy” has experienced many difficult periods, including the collapse of the USSR, the formation of an independent Kazakhstan, the transition from a planned economy to a market economy. Unfortunately, many large enterprises collapsed then, but thanks to the commitment, cultivation of human labor, as well as the principles of unity and stability, which are the basis of the trade union movement in Kazakhstan, «Almatyinzhstroy” not only retained its team and technical park, but also expanded its production.