The extended meeting of the Coordinating Council of the Trade Union Center of Zhambyl region was attended by Deputy Chairman of the Federation of Trade Unions Nurlan Uteshev, some chairmen of Trade Unions branches and primary trade union organizations of the region.

During the meeting, the chairman of the trade union center of Zhambyl region Baglan Karashulakov presented information about the results of work for the first half of the year.

According to his presentation, the Trade Union Center coordinates the work of 14 branches of Industrial trade unions of the Zhambyl region. There are 1,398 primary trade union organizations in the region covering 123,219 trade union members. Since the beginning of the year, 28 new primary trade union organizations have been created in the region and the number of trade union members has increased by 2112 people.

Collective agreements were concluded for 6763 out of 10 533 operating enterprises and organizations of the region.

“22 large and 48 medium-sized enterprises of the region are 100% covered by collective-contractual regulation. The coverage of collective agreements from 10,463 small enterprises of the region is 63.2%,” Baglan Karashulakov said.

According to the Professional Center, the level of industrial injuries has increased in the region this year – 20 accidents were registered in 6 months of this year, 10 of which were fatal.

“984 production councils operate at the enterprises of the region with trade union participation, 1302 technical labor protection inspectors exercise control over ensuring safe working conditions. Along with this, the Concept of Zero Injuries and the “People’s Control” project have been introduced at individual enterprises. Among them are “Kazphosphate” LLP, Zhambyl regional branch of JSC “NC Kazakhstan Temir Zholy”, “Zhambyl power supply distance” and others. This work will be continued, ” the chairman of the Professional Center of the Zhambyl region concluded.

It was also noted that the Trade Union Center takes an active part in the work of the regional tripartite commission on social partnership and regulation of social and labor relations. In June of this year, the social partners adopted a new regional tripartite agreement.

“The new agreement provides for the creation of trade unions at enterprises and organizations of all forms of ownership by 2023, an increase to 98.3% of the share

of enterprises covered by the collective bargaining system, stabilization of production processes, preservation of jobs and the level of employment of the population,” the chairman of the Trade Union Center said.

According to his opinion, since the beginning of the year, 59 meetings of the tripartite commissions have been held in the region at which such issues as timely payment of wages in the region, labor protection, collective bargaining, and wage increases were considered.

During the meeting of the Coordinating Council, the results of the work for the half-year were also announced by Gulmayra Mombekova, Chairman of the Zhambyl regional branch of the Sectoral Trade Union of Health Care Workers “SENIM”, Yerulan Magzimbekov, Chairman of the Zhambyl regional local Trade Union of Education and Science Workers, Shakhtybay Baiganov, Chairman of the primary trade union organization of Kazphosphate LLP, Dyusenali Bykybayev, Chairman of the Zhambyl regional branch of the Sectoral Trade Union of state, Banking Institutions and public services “Kyzmet” Employees by Klavdiya Sapozhnikova.

The professional leaders of the region expressed their gratitude to the Federation of Trade Unions for the introduction of new trade union projects including a weekly educational marathon aimed at forming a high legal culture of the professional asset. Yerulan Magzimbekov appealed to the FTURK leadership with a request for assistance in solving a number of topical issues at the central level of social partnership.

“There are about 25 thousand specialists in the field of education in the region whose salary is 10 times lower than that of teachers. They receive a maximum of 80 thousand tenge. This, in turn, generates social inequality in labor collectives. We tried to solve these issues at the local level but we could not. Therefore, we ask the Federation of Trade Unions to provide support at the national level. This issue is relevant not only for our region but also for the whole country as a whole. Rural teachers are paid a 25% surcharge. However, this does not apply to the support staff of the industry,” Yerulan Magzimbekov said.

Summing up the meeting, Deputy Chairman of the Federation of Trade Unions of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nurlan Uteshev noted the relevance of the issue not only for the education sector but also for all employees of the public sector.

“This issue is one of the main issues on the agenda of the Federation of Trade Unions. This is also repeatedly emphasized by representatives of the healthcare sector at meetings with the leadership of the Federation of Trade Unions. The FTURK is taking measures to resolve this issue through the Ministry of Education, the Government and the Parliament of the country. In the near future, the deputies of the Mazhilis from the trade unions plan to submit this issue to the Committee on Socio-Cultural Development,” he said.

In general, Nurlan Uteshev highly appreciated the work of trade unions of the Zhambyl region and highlighted professional leaders to pay special attention not only to the quantity but also to the quality of collective agreements. In addition, he presented to the participants “Get treated and learn!” – a FTURK new educational and health project.