The international trade union organization UNI Global which unites workers in the field of art, culture, printing, cinematography, advertising, IT technologies and information from 140 countries and its youth division UNI Youth held an international online forum dedicated to the problems of equal work and the development of the trade union movement in difficult modern conditions caused by the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The forum was attended by Deputy Chairman of the Nur-Sultan branch, Chairman of the youth Committee of the Branch Trade Union of Workers of Culture, Sports, Tourism and Information, Alibek Sattarov.

The forum participants from 120 countries exchanged information about the development of the youth trade union movement, which is now experiencing a new upswing in many countries caused by economic difficulties against the background of the pandemic. Many young people, beginning specialists are aware of the importance and importance of the trade union in protecting the rights and interests of employees, who are particularly exposed to the risks of redundancy and illegal dismissal at this time.

Special emphasis was placed on the problems of equality, both for young professionals in general, and in matters of gender equality. Unfortunately, in many countries of Asia, Africa and Latin America, there are frequent cases of labor discrimination based on age and gender. Employers prefer specialists with a certain background, are not interested in young personnel without experience. There are cases of inadequate provision of young workers with personal protective equipment, the lack of a social package and preferences in comparison with the main staff. For the same amount of work, young women often receive wages 30-50% less than men.

Against the background of these problems, the percentage of self-employed among young people around the world is growing. Young people especially those have higher education are increasingly moving into the startup segment creating their own micro-business usually in the field of digital technologies. Reaching out and engaging in the trade union movement, where the rights and interests of such self – employed specialists will be defended, is the main task set by UNI Youth and UNI Global. And for this, it is necessary to change the approaches and methods of trade union work. A special conference will be dedicated to innovations in the trade union movement and in its youth sector, which will be held at the end of September.