Within the framework of the educational online marathon of the Federation of Trade Unions, another seminar was held for the professional activists of the Shymkent, Turkestan and Aktobe regions.

Opening the meeting, Deputy Chairman of the FTURK Nurlan Uteshev noted the importance of the educational project in the light of improving the professional skills of trade union personnel.

Lyudmila Golenkova, Chief Legal Specialist of the Trade Union Center of the North Kazakhstan region, spoke about the mechanisms of application of labor legislation in the process of collective-contractual regulation of labor relations.

“A collective agreement is an agreement between employees and an employer through employee representatives regulating social and labor relations in an organization. Its content and structure are determined by the parties in accordance with general, sectoral and regional agreements. The document should not worsen the situation of employees. The collective agreement comes into force from the moment of signing and is binding,” Lyudmila Golenkova said.

She noted that one of the reasons for the emergence of labor disputes are gaps in labor legislation. According to the speaker, the regulation of these issues in the collective agreement will allow the organization to prevent the occurrence of labor disputes.

According to Lyudmila Golenkova, the work of the primary trade union organization can be assessed by the quality of the collective agreement. In order to improve the quality of collective agreements, the Trade Center of the North Kazakhstan region has experience in legal expertise of collective agreements.

The lecturer, using concrete examples from her own experience, explained to the participants how to develop articles of the Labor Code in a collective agreement, including on issues of dismissal, compensation for loss of work, etc.

Marina Ivanova, Head of the Reconciliation Center of the Professional Center of the Pavlodar region, familiarized the participants with judicial practice in the field of labor dispute resolution.

She spoke about the registration of accidents at work, the termination of employment contracts, as well as the decision of the courts on labor disputes between employees and the management of the Pavlodar branch of NC “Kazakhstan Temir Zholy”.

Marina Ivanova recalled that the project “From Theory to practice” is being implemented in the region, implemented between the Trade Union Center and the judiciary. At the same time, she noted the practical value of the project for trade union personnel. Within the framework of the project, representatives of district and city courts comment on the legislation applied in controversial cases. The lecturer also said that the outcome of labor disputes cases can be tracked on the website of the Supreme Court in the “Judicial Cabinet” section.


Summing up the seminar, Deputy Chairman of the Federation of Trade Unions Nurlan Uteshev said that the FTURK educational marathon is a source of trade union education.

“The speeches of each lecturer are based on everyday experience and are constantly updated with new examples,” Nurlan Uteshev stressed.

He informed the participants about significant events, including in the field of development of international relations.

Nurlan Uteshev spoke about the creation by the Federations of Trade Unions of Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan of the Council of Trade Unions of Central Asian Countries (TUCAC).

He also reported on measures to strengthen cooperation with the ILO and the ITUC.

In conclusion, the Deputy Chairman of the FTURK announced the Federation’s intention to implement joint projects with international organizations to improve the skills of trade union activists.