Today, on February 3, an expanded meeting of the Coordinating Council of the Shymkent Trade Union Center was held with the participation of Deputy Chairman of the Federation of Trade Unions Nurlan Uteshev.

The Chairman of the Professional Center of Shymkent, Baurzhan Alteev, presented to the members of the Coordinating Council information on the results of work for 2021.

According to him, 8 branch trade unions and 7 local trade unions are represented in the city, which includes 281 primary trade union organizations representing the interests of 51,466 people.

According to the chairman, 18 meetings of the Trilateral Commission were held last year, during which issues of wage arrears, the resolution of labor disputes, the rights and interests of employees were considered, most of which were resolved.

As part of the social partnership, a regional trilateral agreement for 2021-2023 was signed in April 2021.  According to Bauyrzhan Alteev, in 2021, labor disputes arose at 3 enterprises, where employees demanded higher wages and improved working conditions.

Last year, the debt of 80 Shymkent enterprises to 3,085 employees totaling 384 million tenge was repaid.

The heads of enterprises with wage arrears were summoned to the meeting of the regional tripartite commission and recommendations were given on debt repayment. According to the chairman of the Trade Union Center, there are no wage arrears in institutions and enterprises with trade unions.

In 2021, 30 accidents occurred at the enterprises of the city, as a result of which 37 people were injured, including 6 fatal cases.

Compared to last year, the level of occupational injuries decreased by 37.2%. According to the chairman of the Trade Union Center, special roadmaps have been approved at enterprises to prevent the recurrence of such situations. In addition, the Trade Union Center, together with the Department of the State Labor Inspectorate, conducted training on labor protection and labor legislation standards at 55 enterprises where accidents have occurred over the past three years.  The trade union center promotes an increase in the number of collective agreements. Collective agreements have been concluded at all enterprises where there are trade unions.

According to Bauyrzhan Alteev, in 2021 the Trade Union Center implemented a number of projects to support primary trade union organizations and trade union members. In total, more than 1.5 thousand employees took part in these events. In addition, within the framework of the action “How are you, primary?” meetings were held with over 100 labor collectives with the participation of 1,425 trade union members.

Legal support in the Trade Union Center is provided by the Reconciliation Center “Татуласу Орталыгы”. In 2021, free consultations were provided to 91 citizens. In April 2021, a “Legal clinic” was opened in the Trade Union Center, within the framework of which legal assistance was provided to 28 members of the trade union. The State Labor Inspectorate received 106 appeals on labor disputes, of which 74 – on wages, 27 – on illegal dismissal, 5 – on unpaid leave and temporary disability. Of the complaints, 36 were in the field of education, 24 in the field of health, the remaining 46 in other areas. During the consideration of these appeals, mediation agreements were concluded on 62 of them, the parties agreed on 19 appeals, and legal advice was provided on 38 appeals,” Baurzhan Alteev said.

Last year, the Trade Union Center held 12 meetings of the Coordinating Council, at which topical issues of the social and labor sphere were considered. In conclusion, Bauyrzhan Alteev reported on the tasks of the Professional Center for the current year. According to him, the Work Plan of the FTURK approved a number of key areas of work of member organizations.

“This year, work will be carried out with social partners to improve labor legislation, improve the social and labor rights of employees, increase wages and create decent working conditions for trade union members,” the chairman of the Trade Union Center said.

During the meeting, the members of the Coordination Council of Shymkent spoke on a number of topical issues related to daily work and received comprehensive answers.

Summing up the meeting, Deputy Chairman of the Federation of Trade Unions Nurlan Uteshev highly appreciated the work of the Trade Union Center and its territorial structures.