There was a meeting of the chairman of the Territorial Association of Trade Unions of Pavlodar region Aitzhanova D.N. with the trade union Committee, the chairmen of the shop committees of JSC “Aluminum of Kazakhstan”.

The meeting was held with the participation of the deputy chairman of the NGO “Branch Mining and Metallurgical Professional Union “Kazprofmetall” Daumova R.Zh. and the chairman of the primary trade union organization Ualikhanov M.K.

“The enterprise of JSC “Aluminum of Kazakhstan” is working stably.

Since January 2022, a new collective agreement has been in force at the enterprise, adopted in a social partnership and including an important range of additional guarantees for employees and veterans.

For example, at present, at the birth of a child, each parent working for Aluminum of Kazakhstan JSC is paid a one-time allowance of 75,000 tenge, if both parents work at our plant, then both parents; upon reaching the anniversary dates, anniversaries who have reached 50, 60 years, if the work experience at the enterprise is at least 10 years, receive a salary payment, but not more than 200,000 tenge.

Prevention of labor disputes allows you to provide instant resolution of controversial issues in the field of labor with the participation of trade union representatives, explain the legislation, which allows them to be resolved at the stage of the conciliation commission,” M.K. Ualikhanov shared.

“The Federation of Trade Unions of the Republic of Kazakhstan held an extended discussion of issues of the social and labor sphere with the participation of members of the General Council of the FTURK and representatives of trade union organizations of all industries and regions of the country. During the meeting, the generalized proposals of trade union organizations on the qualitative improvement of the remuneration system were discussed, which were voiced by the Chairman of the Federation of Trade Unions Dauletalin S.T. at the meeting of the Republican Trilateral Commission on Social Partnership and Regulation of Social and Labor relations: regarding wage indexation, setting the maximum level of the ratio of salaries of managers and ordinary employees, establishing the minimum wage, the wage system, the procedure for paying wages, the content of the collective agreement, the participation of employees in the management of the enterprise”,- noted Aitzhanova D.N.

Deputy Chairman of the NGO “Branch Mining and Metallurgical Trade Union “Kazprofmetall” Daumova R.Zh. told about the activities of primary trade union organizations of the branch trade union in the Pavlodar region, providing conditions for occupational safety, adopting Roadmaps to reduce occupational injuries, joining the program “People’s Control”, “Vision Zero”.

The participants of the meeting discussed the prospects of public activity in the Year of Social Partnership.

“The Territorial Association of Trade Unions of Pavlodar region, as a representative of employees in the regional tripartite commission on social partnership and regulation of social and labor relations, is constantly working to improve legal literacy, develop mediation, and prevent labor disputes.

To do this, he organizes seminars on training members of the conciliation commission free of charge with the issuance of certificates, a meeting with speakers of a Mobile consultation point, training of technical inspectors on labor protection.

The Trade Union Center is ready to create the necessary dialogue platform to support primary trade union organizations in order to provide the necessary promotion of the protective functions of trade unions in the interests of the Labor Person,” emphasized D.N. Aitzhanova.