As part of the campaign “How do you live, primary?”, the First Deputy Chairman of the Federation of Trade Unions of the Republic of Kazakhstan Mukhtar Tinikeev met with the labor collective of the primary trade union organization of KSU “First City Comprehensive IT Lyceum”.

Opening the meeting, Chairman of the Trade Union Center of North Kazakhstan Yerik Nurakayev noted that the action initiated by the Federation of Trade Unions of the Republic of Kazakhstan contributes to the identification and resolution of problematic issues.

“A lively dialogue, as the Chairman of the Federation of Trade Unions of the Republic of Kazakhstan Satybaldy Dauletalin noted, strengthens communication with labor collectives, promotes the position of trade unions on the development of the principles of unity, ownership and justice and active participation in the stabilization of labor relations and in general in our country. The first city general education IT Lyceum is an institution with great traditions, a creative attitude to the educational process, the formation of a future Person of labor. The established principles contribute to the joint effective work of social partners – the administration and the trade union committee,” Yerik Nurakayev stressed.

The presentation of the work of the primary trade union organization was held by the chairman of the trade union organization Nadezhda Vishnyakova. She noted that 73 percent of employees in the organization are members of a trade union, there is a collective agreement between the management and the primary trade union organization for 2021-2024, the content of which includes a wide range of additional benefits and guarantees: trade union members are given 2 additional days off, the chairman of the trade union committee 5 days, single mothers – 1 calendar day. It was noted about the assistance provided to socially unprotected categories of workers – former retired workers, large families, disabled workers. In addition, the trade union allocates financial assistance on the occasion of the celebration of anniversaries, marriage, cultural events and more.

Oksana Novikova, Director of the First City General Education IT Lyceum, focused on the cooperation of the administration with the trade union in solving issues of personnel retention and creating conditions for lyceum employees.

Dmitry Tonkonogov, Technical Inspector for Labor Protection, informed about the issues of ensuring safe working conditions at the workplace.

The main aspects of the interaction of the regional branch trade union with primary trade union organizations were voiced by Berik Ayupov, chairman of the NGO “North Kazakhstan Regional Organization of the Kazakhstan Branch Trade Union of Education and Science Workers”.

The meeting was continued by the chairmen of the committees of trade unions of the districts M.Zhumabayeva Nadezhda Pashchenko and Yesilsky Galiya Amanzholova, who shared the practice of trade union organizations to improve the welfare of trade union members, this is the payment of utilities, free medical examinations, health improvement and more.

During the meeting, a lively dialogue took place with members of the trade union.

Chairman of the NGO “Kazakhstan Branch Professional Union of Education and Science Workers” Aigul Mukasheva informed about measures to promote the interests of workers and improve remuneration in the legislative order of employees of the education sector. She noted the positive work of the branch trade union of education and Science workers of the North Kazakhstan Region on rehabilitation, settlement of labor disputes, training of members of conciliation commissions, consideration of appeals of trade union members.

Summing up the meeting, First Deputy Chairman of the Federation of Trade Unions of the Republic of Kazakhstan Mukhtar Tinikeev reported on the activities of the Federation of Trade Unions.

He noted that the issues of remuneration, which were raised during the meeting, are always relevant for the Federation of Trade Unions and are the subject of discussion in the Majilis of the Parliament, at meetings of the Republican Tripartite Commission on Social Partnership and working groups of the Ministry of Labor.

He also recalled the significant results in the development of social partnership.

“In March last year, a General agreement was signed between the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan, republican associations of workers and employers. The draft agreement was jointly developed by three republican unions for the first time. In this important document, we tried to make proposals of labor collectives, as well as the tasks outlined in the Strategy of the Federation of Trade Unions of the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2020-2025,” Mukhtar Tinikeev said.

The First Deputy Chairman of the FTURK focused special attention on the initiatives of the Federation of Trade Unions to increase the level of social protection of citizens and other topical issues of the trade union agenda.

“Trade unions have always insisted on raising the minimum wage. There is a Keitz index approved by the ILO. This index indicates that the minimum wage should be 50% of the average salary. We are talking about the need to introduce a mechanism for calculating the minimum wage,” the First Deputy Chairman of the FTURK stressed.

According to him, the main cause of labor disputes is the low level of wages.

“Last year there were 74 labor conflicts in the country. At the same time, only 31 of them had trade union organizations.  Despite this, trade unions participated in all negotiation processes,” Mukhtar Tinikeev said.

At the same time, as Mukhtar Tinikeev stressed, the Federation has achieved the direct participation of the akims of the regions in the meetings of the tripartite commissions in most regions of the country.

“Akims and employers are our social partners, along with trade unions should be interested in preventing labor conflicts. Such a lesson was taught by the events of January. We all need to understand the responsibility for maintaining stability in the new conditions,” said the First Deputy Chairman of the FTURK.

Mukhtar Tinikeev also spoke about initiatives to secure the right of trade unions to hold strikes, about the establishment of administrative responsibility of employers for violating the requirements of labor legislation on the creation of a conciliation commission.

According to him, the list of proposals includes such items as an analysis of industry agreements, including the presence of provisions on the establishment of minimum tariff rates, inter-digit coefficients, a single procedure for additional payments to workers engaged in heavy work, with harmful and dangerous working conditions.

Speaking about the advantages of trade union membership, he stressed that the monetization of collective agreements of a number of enterprises testifies to the broad material benefits for employees-members of the trade union from the fixed social benefits and guarantees.

At the end of the meeting, the chairman of the Trade Union Center of North Kazakhstan Yerik Nurakayev thanked all the participants of the meeting and wished the further implementation of the tasks of trade unions to improve the welfare of workers in the current year – which has been declared the Year of Social Partnership.


Media Center of the Federation of Trade Unions of the Republic of Kazakhstan