On March 15, a meeting of the Coordinating Council of the Trade Union Center of Almaty region was held with the participation of Deputy Chairman of the Federation of Trade Unions of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nurlan Uteshev.

The meeting was attended by members of the Coordinating Council, representatives of the Trade Union Center, heads of trade union organizations of the region.

Opening the meeting, the chairman of the Almaty region Trade Union Center Asset Kydyrmanov reported on the work done in 2021.

According to him, 82 new primary trade union organizations were created last year, which included 7,394 trade union members. Since the beginning of this year, 24 more primary organizations have been created, numbering 1,509 members.

It should be noted that the 2 branch trade unions of the region include 932 primary trade union organizations, with more than 100 thousand trade union members. This figure is 31.1% of the employed population of the region.

The Chairman of the Trade Union Center of Almaty region noted that social partnership is being implemented within the framework of the regional agreement for 2021-2023 between the Akimat of Almaty region, the Trade Union Center and employers’ associations of the region.

According to him, 12 meetings of the regional trilateral commission were held last year. The meetings discussed issues of labor relations at enterprises at risk of labor conflicts, as well as measures to reduce the level of occupational injuries. As Asset Kydyrmanov stressed, the Trilateral Commission in the region is headed directly by the akim of the region.

Also, a section “Social Partnership” has been opened on the website of the regional akimat, which contains information about the regional agreement, its parties and legislative requirements.

According to Asset Kydyrmanov, 932 primary trade union organizations of the region are 100% covered by collective agreements.

According to statistics, the number of private enterprises operating in the region is 25,129, including 125 large, 535 medium and 24,469 small enterprises. In total, 17,087 collective agreements were concluded at these facilities (covering 68%, including 100% of large and medium-sized enterprises).

As part of the work of the trilateral commission, the Safe Work program for 2021-2023 was approved.

In institutions and enterprises with trade unions, 610 industrial councils for labor protection and 932 technical inspectors work on a voluntary basis.

“Last year there were 26 accidents at work in the region,” Asset Kydyrmanov said.

The Chairman of the Trade Union Center reported on the development of a plan for the implementation of the Zero Injury Concept “Vision Zero”, the implementation of the project “People’s Control”.

Speaking about measures to prevent labor conflicts at the enterprises of the region, he reported on the work of the Center for Obesity.

Last year, I considered 37 applications of various kinds, 32 of which were satisfied.

133 people applied to the Legal Clinic of the Trade Union Center for employment, 119 received a positive result. 235 people applied to the public reception at the Vocational Center, mainly with questions about wages and receiving social assistance.

Asset Kydyrmanov highlighted the work on monitoring social stability in labor collectives. As a result of this work, last year, together with social partners, labor disputes were prevented in 4 organizations.

Deputy Chairman of the Federation of Trade Unions Nurlan Uteshev asked about the implementation of the Vision Zero Concept in the region.

Asset Kydyrmanov stressed that 52 enterprises joined the project last year, which expressed their willingness to work with trade unions.

Chairman of the branch of the Branch Trade Union of Education and Science Workers of Almaty region Mels Tulepbergenov in his speech said that as of January 2022, the branch includes 440 primary trade union organizations, 2 city and 10 district branches, numbering more than 28 thousand union members.

At the end of the meeting, Deputy Chairman of the FTURK Nurlan Uteshev told the participants about the measures of the Federation of Trade Unions to strengthen the trade union movement.

First of all, he reported on the changes in the system of training trade union activists.

“Since last year, we have started training representatives of member organizations. We conducted a series of online seminars. Currently, a school of trade union leaders is being organized for newly elected leaders of primary trade union organizations and members of the trade union committee. Students will learn the organizational foundations of the trade union movement, the legislative requirements governing its activities and other practical skills,” Nurlan Uteshev said.
Along with this, he spoke about the project “online training platform”, which allows trade union members to be trained at any time on social networks. The project consists of audio and video lectures, divided by topic.

The Deputy Chairman of the Federation of Trade Unions also informed about the implementation of a pilot project on medical rehabilitation in trade union health resorts.

In the pilot mode, the project was launched in the sanatorium “Merke Radon” in Zhambyl region.

“Important features of the project – it is enough to contact a local polyclinic to get a referral to a sanatorium. The cost of treatment is paid from the Social Health Insurance Fund, the sanatorium can accept more than 300 patients. The project of referral to a rehabilitation center can be carried out not only during the annual vacation, but also during the period of temporary disability,” said Nurlan Uteshev.

The Deputy Chairman of the FTURK focused special attention on measures to prevent labor disputes.

“Labor consultations are a continuous dialogue between the trade union and the employer, contributing to the achievement of mutual understanding and the prevention of labor conflicts,” he said.

Following the meeting, the Deputy Chairman of the FTURK thanked the trade unions of the Almaty region for their coordinated work to protect the rights and interests of the Labor Person.


Media Center of the Federation of Trade Unions of the Republic of Kazakhstan