Today, the Federation of Trade Unions held a training seminar for trade union activists of the Kazakhstan Branch Professional Union of Power Engineers.

During the seminar, the chairmen of trade union organizations and trade union activists of the industry got acquainted with the relevant aspects of the activities of trade unions.

The seminar program included a wide range of issues, such as: “The attractiveness of the trade union movement. The role of a trade union leader”, “Social partnership: development and signing of collective agreements”, “Practice of application of labor legislation. Organization of the work of the Conciliation Commission”, “Legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the field of occupational safety and health. Occupational safety and health control at work”, “Investigation and accounting of accidents and other health injuries of employees related to work”.

Opening the meeting, the Chairman of the Branch Trade Union of Power Engineers Orazbek Bekbas noted the importance of raising the professional level of trade union personnel.

According to him, the acquisition of new approaches to activity is designed to settle a number of issues in daily work and improve the status of trade union organizations.

“Trade union leaders are simply obliged to be guided and deeply understand the content of regulatory legal acts and apply them in their work. In order to maintain a high level of awareness of trade union activists, it is necessary to conduct training on an ongoing basis,” Orazbek Bekbas said.

He also emphasized in detail the relevance of obtaining skills of collective-contractual regulation of workers’ labor within the framework of social partnership.

“In the system of social partnership, a collective agreement acts as a legal act, an agreement concluded between employees in the person of their representatives and the employer, regulating social and labor relations in the organization. The task of trade unions, when a collective agreement is signed, is to monitor its implementation on the ground. If necessary, a permanent conciliation commission can be created. The collective agreement is the basis of our work. Collective agreements in our industry are recognized as one of the best in the republic. Thus, in the competition on social responsibility of business “Paryz”, collective agreements of JSC “Samruk Energy”, JSC “Almaty Electric Stations”, LLP “Ekibastuzskaya GRES-1” received awards in the nomination “Best collective agreement”.  You should learn from each other by sharing experiences. In general, we have gathered for this purpose today. We have a noble mission, all our efforts should be aimed at protecting the rights and interests of the Labor Man!”,- noted Orazbek Bekbas.

The educational part of the seminar was continued by Lyazzat Eszhanova, Deputy Director of the Department for Organizational and Control Work of the FTURK, who told the participants about the role of a leader in the trade union movement, as well as his skills and competencies, effective mechanisms of influence in communication and the formation of a positive image.

Іn the process of getting to know the audience, the lecturer used interactive methods aimed at identifying individual personal qualities.

All those present were asked to make an associogram about themselves, which should consist of one letter and two digits.

Each of those present actively and with interest joined in this process.

One of the participants of the training seminar chose the combination “B1304”, it is with these numbers that his memories of student life are connected. It turned out that 1304 was his library card number.

According to the speaker, this association testifies to high intelligence, the desire to learn something new, well-read.

Another participant wrote the combination “C911”. The speaker, describing the choice of the participant, noted that this person is always ready to help his friends and colleagues.

But another participant, writing about himself “B334”, noted that he does not like being in the first rows, while he is aware of the full measure of responsibility, but does not like to receive laurels. According to this combination, the participants identified qualities such as modesty, simplicity and responsibility.

At the same time, as Lyazzat Eszhanova noted, such qualities do not interfere with being a trade union leader.

During the training seminar, special attention was paid to the important components of the professional leader’s work – communication with people, the ability to build a negotiation process.

The training was very active, informative and interesting in a friendly atmosphere.

It is worth noting that all participants thanked the organizers and expressed the unanimous opinion that this meeting allowed them to gain maximum knowledge and practical experience.

At the end, the participants of the training seminar were awarded certificates.