Within the framework of the educational course “School of the Trade Union Leader” of the Federation of Trade Unions of the Republic of Kazakhstan, a regular seminar was held for newly elected chairmen of primary trade union organizations and novice trade activists of the Branch Trade Union of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
Opening the event, the author and coordinator of the project – Deputy Director of the Department of Organizational and Control Work of the FTURK Lyazzat Eszhanova told the participants about the plans and training program.

As Lyazzat Eszhanova emphasized, the stated topic of the seminar: “Spiral dynamics or ways of thinking accessible to man” is very interesting and this topic will be revealed to the audience by Deputy Chairman of the Federation of Trade Unions of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nurlan Uteshev.

“Spiral dynamics is a theoretical and applied model of human development created on the basis of the theory of the American psychologist Clare Graves. The theory describes the evolutionary development of an organization in the form of its movement on the ladder of values. In the modern world, the organization develops as a movement from one balanced state to another. Each subsequent level adds new elements to the previous one.
Conflicts and problems that arise in the organization are often caused by the fact that employees of different levels belong to different spiral levels of development,” Nurlan Uteshev stressed.
The speaker also outlined the main provisions of this theory in his speech and noted that there are eight stages of development in spiral dynamics.
According to the speaker, the levels are color-coded, everything starts with a Beige level. The main leitmotif of this level is “Do everything to stay alive!”. It’s no secret that a person must trust his instincts to survive. That is, in simple words, this level involves focusing a person only on the means necessary for survival. (food, water, heat, safety in the highest priority, etc.).
But after a person has learned to survive independently to a certain extent, he begins to have thoughts about uniting with other people. This can be considered the beginning of the next level.
The next level is Purple and its main theme is “Sacrifice yourself for the sake of the tribe!”.  It is associated with the search for a way to survive in a dangerous and unpredictable world. When this value system dominates, people try to create closed groups in their society or organization.
The red level is efficiency and the main values of this level are strength and power.  For example, the thinking of employees of a particular company is also changing at this stage: they have ambitious goals, a thirst for money and power.
And here is the Blue level and its main theme: “Life has meaning! Donate now-it will be rewarded later!”. This level is associated with discipline, compliance with laws, and the establishment of a clear internal corporate order. According to some statistics, it is at the blue level that most companies in the world operate today. We can say that the absolutist type of thinking dominates at this level, which means submission to only one truth. A clear hierarchy is defined in the company, a set of laws and rules is created, which everyone must follow implicitly, everything is subject exclusively to the interests of the company.
Talking about this level, Nurlan Uteshev stressed: “The value of the blue level is the rules. The logo of the Federation of Trade Unions of the Republic of Kazakhstan is painted blue. This is very symbolic, today trade unions, as one of the important driving forces of modern society, should direct all their strength, knowledge and efforts to protect the interests of the working person. Honest work and, as a result, a proper life provide stability and reward in the future.”
Then the speaker revealed the main provisions of the orange, green, yellow and turquoise levels.
As for the Orange level, its motto is “Think, and get richer!”. Personal success prevails most of all in it, you can use earthly resources for material prosperity, if you have common sense, personal success is achievable, but gentlemen must compete by the rules!
Eg: employees of a particular company develop the skills of seeing new opportunities and ways to achieve new results. And as a result, the ability to be effective is acquired, while individual motivation increases, employees get used to being the first, focus on personal career development and growth increases. Getting more material rewards becomes a priority.
The next Green level says “We must live in peace and harmony with other people!”. The human spirit must be freed from such vices as greed, dogma and disagreement.  At this level, a person cares about resources and the environment, and makes any decisions, even the most difficult ones, through consent and consensus. This level is based on values such as humanism, harmony, and human development. Simply put, the first order of spiral thinking ends at the Green level, the main characteristic of which is focusing on the priority of achieving the personal level.
The yellow level and its main value is creativity. Live fully and responsibly as who you are and who you are learning to be!
And the last Turquoise is the highest, eighth level of spiral dynamics. This is business self-organization, flexibility and quick response to all changes in the environment.
In conclusion, the speaker, revealing each of the levels, stressed that the theory of “Spiral dynamics” describes the supposed stages of human and social development. Throughout his life, a person develops in a spiral. He is moving upwards, accumulating the experience gained on previous spirals.
Immersion in this topic is also very important for trade union leaders,” said Nurlan Uteshev.
At each level, one or another person acquires new qualities.
Everyone should understand that, for example, acting together is better than acting alone! One in the field is not a warrior. The world gives opportunities and considering them, you can achieve more. The world is global, and the happiness of every person living on earth is precious.
And perhaps the most important thing: “Everyone needs their own happiness, so there is enough happiness for everyone. We need to complement each other!”.
On this optimistic note, Deputy of the Federation of Trade Unions of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nurlan Uteshev concluded his speech.
The participants, in turn, thanked the speaker for an interesting presentation and noted the importance of the information received and the special significance of the new educational project “School of a Trade Union Leader”.
Recall that the new educational project of the Federation of Trade Unions started on April 27 this year. The training course of the trade union leader is designed for 3 months, or 36 academic hours, which will take place in accordance with the work plan 2 times a week.