The next seminar for newly elected chairmen of primary trade union organizations within the framework of the educational course “School of the Trade Union Leader” of the FTURK was devoted to the issues of information policy of the Federation of Trade Unions and its member organizations.
The main objective of the seminar was to build an established information system, discuss and exchange experience in the field of information work, develop a unified strategy for positioning trade union organizations.

During the seminar, Gulmira Karakozova, Director of the FTURK Media Center, introduced the audience to the main aspects of the Information Policy Concept of the Federation of Trade Unions and new trends in the information work of trade unions.
She noted that in recent years, the information work of the Federation of Trade Unions and its member organizations has reached a new level, the official website and newspaper of the FTURK are steadily developing, new headings are appearing, a number of thematic actions and challenges are being implemented, employees responsible for information work have been appointed in all regions.
Gulmira Karakozova told the participants about the main directions and principles of information support for the activities of trade unions, as well as effective methods of strengthening interaction with the mass media.

“Information work is an integral part of the activities of any trade union organization. Trade unions conduct daily dialogue with the authorities and employers on social and labor issues, seek resolution of disputes and decent working conditions for employees. Trade unions should take an active position in matters of information work. We must tell the general public about our activities,” Gulmira Karakozova, Director of the FTURK Media Center, stressed.
Within the framework of the seminar, creative ways of presenting and processing information about trade union work aimed at attracting the interest of the general public were considered.
At the same time, Gulmira Karakozova focused special attention in her speech on the issues of building an effective dialogue with representatives of the media.
The participants gained new skills of speaking during interviews and at press conferences, the ability to get out of difficult and unexpected situations, and also considered the issues of anti-crisis communications.
Along with this, Gulmira Karakozova voiced detailed recommendations and modern approaches at all stages of information work, starting from the formation of a plan of information occasions (Media Plan) for the release of materials in the media.
The participants of the seminar discussed with keen interest the issues of working with information and shared examples from their practice. Following the results of the event, the practical value of the proposed tools and recommendations was noted.

Media Center of the Federation of Trade Unions of the Republic of Kazakhstan