During a working trip to Turkestan, the head of the Republican Headquarters of the Federation of Trade Unions of the Republic of Kazakhstan for public support of the referendum – Deputy Chairman of the FTURK Nurlan Uteshev took part in a meeting of the secretaries of maslikhats of Almaty, Zhambyl, Kyzylorda, Turkestan regions and the city of Shymkent, chairmen of standing commissions, local deputies, members of public councils, veteran organizations of the region, cities and districts.
During the meeting, Nurlan Uteshev noted the importance of the upcoming constitutional reform for trade unions and spoke about the measures taken by the Federation of Trade Unions in support of the referendum.

According to him, on May 6 of this year, the Executive Committee of the Federation of Trade Unions adopted an Appeal to the members of the trade union, in which it announced the beginning of work on objective information and explanation of the proposed constitutional reforms to the population.
“On May 6, the Republican Headquarters started working in the Federation of Trade Unions, and its regional representative offices in all regions. Today, trade unions across the country are actively holding a series of meetings with labor collectives of all industries to explain the constitutional reform in labor collectives,” Nurlan Uteshev said.
According to him, the proposed amendments to the Constitution are aimed at protecting the fundamental rights and guarantees of every citizen, as well as ensuring stability and unity in society.
“We call on the members of the trade union to take an active part in the upcoming referendum so that every worker can live with dignity and increase the potential of the country,” the head of the Republican Staff said.

The participants of the meeting discussed the issues of the upcoming referendum on constitutional reform.
The chairman of the Republican Headquarters for Public Support of the referendum and the republican public association “Association of Deputies of Maslikhats of Kazakhstan” shared his opinion on strengthening the democratic foundations of independent Kazakhstan Toleubek Mukashev.
“The referendum is a vivid example of the manifestation of people’s power, an example of how every citizen of Kazakhstan, expressing his civic position, can make a direct contribution to the creation of a new Kazakhstan. The idea of the Head of State to create a new Kazakhstan, to hold a referendum is a historic event. After all, this is the second referendum, it takes place in 27 years. Earlier, amendments to the Constitution were discussed and submitted to Parliament. The historical significance of the referendum is to bring to the people’s discussion issues concerning the fate of the nation as a whole, to consolidate the foundations of democracy, to ensure its direct participation in state power,” the speaker said.
Chairman of the Republican Public Association “Organization of Veterans” Izmukhambetov Baktykozha stressed the importance of the referendum for the future of the country and future generations.
In turn, Secretary of the Turkestan regional Maslikhat Kairat Balabiev noted the crucial role of the referendum in building a New Kazakhstan.
As reported, in order to implement the tasks of holding a referendum on the initiative of the association of deputies of the maslikhats of Kazakhstan, public headquarters have been established across the republic and regions.
According to public figures and deputies, it is important to convey to residents of all regions the meaning of each proposed amendment. After all, the further development of the state will depend on whether the Kazakhstanis will support them.