On Thursday, November 24, the training of the sub-regional Academy of Labor in the field of sustainable development “Policy and actions of trade unions in the field of sustainable development” was completed in Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan.

Participants of the international training, representatives of national trade union centers of Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Moldova and Uzbekistan, following the program of the three-day seminar, on the final day discussed the role of the trade union in ensuring a fair transition to an environmentally sustainable economy and society for all, actions taken in connection with climate change under SDG 13 “Combating climate change”.

“Goal 13 is to solve one of the most serious problems of our time, which poses a great threat to the development process and the very existence of mankind – the problem of climate change”,- the speakers of the FTURK delegation noted in their speeches about the manifestation of climate change in Kazakhstan, the impact of changes on the livelihoods of the population and on the sectors of the economy.

The presentation and group work led by international expert Evelyn Toth allowed students to study the measures taken to transition to an environmentally sustainable economy in the participating states of the training.

Representatives of national trade union centers also exchanged views during the session “Solidarity and Dialogue for Peace and Social Justice”. The participants agreed that peace is linked to sustainability and well-being, and trade unions play a big role in this.

“The relevance of the topic set for training, familiarization with the results of new research on the areas proposed by the organizers of the training, consideration of the international experience of the trade unions of Azerbaijan, Moldova, Uzbekistan, a country presentation on the interaction of the trade union movement with the UN on the SDGs – became the distinctive features of the training in Baku”, Gulnara Zhumageldieva, Deputy Chairman of the FTURK, noted, thanking the International Labor Organization for organizing the seminar.

Recall that the training of representatives of national trade union centers is organized by the International Training Center of the ILO.


Media Center of the Federation of Trade Unions of the Republic of Kazakhstan