A meeting of the regional tripartite commission on social partnership and regulation of labor relations was held under the chairmanship of Akim of the region Nurlan Nogayev.

The commission was attended by heads of trade union organizations, companies from the oil and gas sector, contractors, representatives of state and law enforcement agencies.

The head of the Department of the State Labor Inspectorate, Aliger Inkarov, spoke about the important tasks of stabilizing labor relations.

According to him, 56 collective disputes were registered in the oil and gas industry last year. The reason for this was such issues as the amount of wages of employees, the increase in tariffs for services, the establishment of conditions for the provision of services for a long time.

At the same time, at the meeting, together with responsible specialists, issues of preventing labor disputes, establishing relationships between the employer and employees, conducting appropriate information, explanatory work and wages were raised.

– Workers should be aware of their contribution to the development of the enterprise and its stable operation. Accordingly, employers should also understand that employees are the main potential and the main value. That is, it is a joint activity of the two sides. It is important that enterprises create conditions for employees within the framework of their obligations. In addition, enterprises should increase their competitiveness by developing the material and technical base in their institutions and the potential of their employees. Only then will they be able to take their rightful place in the market,” Nurlan Nogayev said.