The terrible tragedy that occurred in Turkey on February 6 did not leave anyone indifferent. The Republic of Kazakhstan was one of the first to respond and extended a helping hand, a hand of hope. Already on the second day after the devastating earthquake, the first search and rescue team of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Republic of Kazakhstan went to Turkey, two days later – the second.

Among the Kazakh rescuers were 33 employees of the Republican Operational Rescue Squad (ROSO) The Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Republic of Kazakhstan, all of them are members of the primary organization of the branch trade union “Kyzmet” in Almaty.

And this is another reason to tell about the work of our rescuers in detail, firsthand.

This week, two groups of Kazakh rescuers returned to their homeland. We met them in Almaty and Astana, we met heroes.

The head of the medical and psychological department of ROSO Ekaterina Klochko, the chairman of the primary trade union organization of the detachment, was with her squad in Gaziantep.

Once at the site of the destruction in the first day, the ROSO detachment worked all 24 hours, says Ekaterina Klochko.

“Realizing all the responsibility in the first day, the guys did not leave the rubble at all – the probability of finding the living was great. Therefore, our guys gave their all,” says Ekaterina Klochko.

Of the seven survivors rescued by the Kazakh Emergencies Ministry, four were found by the guys from ROSO.

“There were two very stressful factors. Due to numerous aftershocks (3-4 points), our guys themselves risked being left under the rubble of sagging structures. The second factor is also psychoemotional – all the time there were people – fathers, mothers, children – who lost contact with their relatives, who remained buried alive, near the place of collapses where the ROSO detachment worked.

Our guys could not give them hope or deprive them of hope,” recalls Dr. Klochko.

After long shifts, Ekaterina Klochko had to help our rescuers restore a psychoemotional state from what she saw.

“During the analysis of rubble and terrible finds (of dead people), the guys restrained their emotions, it was impossible to relax in extreme conditions. But then it was not easy for all of us to hold back tears,” my heroine says with excitement.

Local residents, as a sign of gratitude, gave our rescuers hot tea, brought warm clothes, it became cold to work at night…

“We are grateful to the locals for such support, and our compatriots from among Kazakhstani students who also arrived in Gaziantep as volunteers helped us a lot. Thanks to them, we did not feel the language barrier, it helped the joint work of Kazakh and Turkish rescuers,” says Ekaterina Alexandrovna.

ROSO is a squad that is always on the front line, its work is organized as autonomously as possible: the guys always have everything they need at hand.

“In order not to burden the Turkish authorities and the population, we worked autonomously, that is, we brought tents, sleeping bags, dry rations, all the necessary equipment,” the doctor explains.

Separately, my interlocutor also noted the well-coordinated work of the cynological calculations, dogs in the ROSO have long been considered team members and treat them in a friendly way, sharing bread and shelter with them.

This is how it is accepted in the ROSO detachment, which has been led for more than 10 years by Vladimir Konstantinovich Tsoi, who has enormous experience in emergency response and rescue operations.

By the way, it was his idea to create a trade union in the rescue team. And it was decided to elect Ekaterina Alexandrovna as the chairman of the trade union primary in the men’s collective unanimously.

Speaking about trade union work, Ekaterina Klochko notes that thanks to a friendly team (92 employees) and a socially responsible leader, the trade union committee was able to organize permanent rehabilitation for all rescuers in the country’s sanatoriums, the social package is constantly supplemented with new support measures, which also affects the comfortable climate in the team.

The composition of the ROSO rescue squad:

Vladimir Konstantinovich Tsoi – Head of the ROSO detachment of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Ekaterina Aleksandrovna Klochko – Head of the Medical and Psychological Department

Mukhametzhanov Aidos Muratbekovich – Chief Rescuer specialist of the Department of Radiation and Chemical-biological Protection

Damir Saifiddinovich Gizatulin – Chief Rescuer specialist of the cynological department

Iskakov Takhirzhan Rakhmetzhanovich-Chief Medical Rescuer

Maximov Igor Vladimirovich – Chief Rescuer specialist of the Department of Radiation and Chemical-biological Protection

Konyrbayev Maulen Zhakanovich – Head of the rescue unit

Muslimov Dastan Mailybayevich – Chief Rescuer

Mustafin Evgeny Mikhailovich – Medical rescue brother

Nurmukhamedov Ilfrat Rishatovich – Lifeguard

Dzhauarov Olzhas Duisebayevich – Chief Rescuer

Abdikadyr Sergazy Korabayuly -Lifeguard

Damen Serik Adilkhanuly – The Main rescuer

Dyusebaev Beisengali Berikovich-Chief rescuer specialist of the diving and rescue Department Usimov Daniyar Argynovich – Chief lifeguard specialist of the department for maintenance of vehicles, swimming facilities and equipment

Alpysbai Halykaman Baktybekuly – The main rescuer

Kozhabaev Maksat Kalmakbaevich – Chief Rescuer

Utemuratov Yerlan Nurtuganovich – Chief Rescuer

Dzhanzhigitov Maksat Almasovich – Chief Rescuer

Voskoboynikov Pavel Valentinovich – Chief Rescuer

Ismail Zhan Muratuly – The Main rescuer

We are proud of each of you!

Gulmira Karakozova