Today, as part of the campaign “How do you live, primary?”, Deputy Chairman of the Federation of Trade Unions of the Republic of Kazakhstan Gulnara Zhumageldiyeva met with the staff of the primary trade union organization of the KGP at the Multi-specialty Children’s Regional Hospital of the KSU “Health Department of the Akimat of the North Kazakhstan region”.

Opening the meeting, the chairman of the Trade Union Center of the North Kazakhstan Region, Erik Nurakayev, noted that the purpose of the action is to inform primary trade union organizations about the work being done, new projects, identify problematic issues, and solve them in the future, aimed at activating the work of member organizations to protect the socio-economic and labor rights of trade union members.

In general, during the campaign since 2021, 88 meetings have been held in the North Kazakhstan region with a total number of participants over 3 thousand people, including 13 meetings with the participation of the leadership of the FPRK and 75 at the regional level. Heads of branch trade unions, employers, deputies of the Majilis of the Parliament, local representative and state bodies were invited to the meetings.

Within the framework of virtual visits, 40 problematic issues were voiced: 14 of them were positively resolved, 26 issues are under the control of the Federation and industry trade unions, the resolution of which is possible through amendments and additions to the current legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The positively resolved issues include – raising the minimum wage, suspending the increase in the retirement age for women, repayment of wage arrears, increasing the wages of power engineers, etc.

During the visit of the Chairman of the FPRC S.Dauletalin positively resolved such issues as raising wages by the percentage of inflation in the “Foundation” LLP, “Molservice” LLP, improving the living conditions of the turner of the JSC “Kirov Plant” Makanov Sanat, support for a student from a low-income family of the construction and economic college of Omarov Nursultan, assistance in purchasing multiplying equipment for KSU “Parasat School”, etc.

The ongoing meetings with primary trade union organizations allow us to be in direct contact with ordinary members of the trade union.

Director of the Multidisciplinary Children’s Regional Hospital Aimanov Nurlan focused on the issues of social partnership to fulfill the statutory activities of the organization and protect the interests of employees.

He noted that the multidisciplinary children’s regional hospital is the only multidisciplinary hospital in the region providing planned, emergency inpatient, inpatient replacement and advisory medical care to the children’s population of the region and the city from 0 to 18 years. He focused on the issues of solving wage increases through the establishment of increasing coefficients for all categories of employees in the collective agreement, support and consolidation of young specialists, payment of health benefits to junior medical personnel, cooperation with the trade union in solving issues of personnel retention and creating safe conditions for hospital employees.

The presentation of the work of the primary trade union organization – “The role of the trade union in protecting the socio-economic rights and interests of workers” was held by the chairman of the trade union committee Nurgaliyev Chingiz. He noted that the primary trade union organization of the hospital was formed in 2018. The number of trade union members since its formation has increased from 85 to 424 trade union members, which is 76.5% of the total number of employees. The organization has a collective agreement between the management and the primary trade union organization concluded for 2023-2024, the content of which includes a wide range of additional benefits and guarantees, which provides benefits to employees – members of the trade union in terms of salary increases, additional days of work leave, health benefits, payment of qualification category, sanatorium – resort treatment, material help, etc.

Over the past year, 13 members of the trade union visited health resorts with a 25 percent payment, 29 members of the trade union received financial assistance, visits to gyms and swimming pools were organized for all willing members of the trade union, gift certificates were provided to parents of first-graders, vouchers to children’s health camps with payment of 50% of the cost.

A positive response among the members of the trade union was caused by participation and victory in the competition held by the Central Office of the SENIM trade Union in the nomination “The most active primary organization of the trade union in the information field”, during which the conduct of work through the use of IT technologies “Electronic Trade Union”, questioning of trade union members online, the issue of the trade union newspaper “SENIM Trade Union” was noted. Over the past year, 2 issues of the newspaper were published with a circulation of 30 pieces, in which all the work of the primary is covered and a report on the work done by the trade union committee is made.

In 2022, they participated in the project of the Federation of Trade Unions of the Republic of Kazakhstan “People’s Budget” to receive 1 million tenge. We have provided the project “Senim House” (House of Trust). One of the conditions of the project was the creation of a comfortable recreation area to maintain the emotional state of employees, improve work efficiency, improve the moral and psychological state of employees and motivate trade union membership.

Serik Sultanov, Chairman of the branch of the NGO “SENIM Branch Trade Union of Healthcare System Workers” in the North Kazakhstan region, informed about the interaction of the regional branch trade union with primary trade union organizations.

Summing up the meeting, Deputy Chairman of the Federation of Trade Unions of the Republic of Kazakhstan Gulnara Amangeldievna informed about the activities of the Federation of Trade Unions.

She noted that the issues raised during the meeting are always relevant for the Federation of Trade Unions and are the subject of discussion in the Majilis of the Parliament, at meetings of the Republican Tripartite Commission on Social Partnership and working groups of the Ministry of Labor. She also recalled the significant results in the development of social partnership. She focused on the initiatives of the Federation of Trade Unions to increase the level of social protection of citizens and other topical issues of the trade union agenda.

In the year of safe work, she wished the workers to continue working without injury, with effective protection of trade union members by technical inspectors and the production council.

During the dialogue with the members of the trade union, problematic issues were also raised, such as preferential pension provision for workers with harmful working conditions and improvement of housing conditions for medical workers, including through the Doctor’s House, in the regional center.

Chairman of the Trade Union Center of North Kazakhstan Yerik Nurakayev thanked all participants of the meeting and wished further implementation of the tasks of trade unions to improve the welfare of workers this year – which is declared the Year of Safe Work.