Chairman of the TOP “Trade Union Center of Akmola region” Kali Rakhmetov and Chairman of the NGO “Local Trade Union of Medical Workers of Akmola region “Senim” Serik Kakenov met with members of the GKP trade union at the Birzhan Sal District Hospital in Stepnyak. This trade union organization is a part of the NGO “Local Trade Union of medical workers of Akmola region “Senim”, more than 221 employees are members of the trade union.

The organization is preparing to conclude a new collective agreement with a implementation period of 2023-2026, which provides for the creation of favorable conditions for the Working Person, social guarantees that allow employees to be confident in the future.

At the meeting, Chairman of the TOP Kali Rakhmetov briefed the participants of the meeting on the activities of the Federation of Trade Unions of the Republic of Kazakhstan, on standard-setting activities, on its role in solving problems to improve the welfare of the population, on strengthening the Federation’s position in the international arena. He gave a number of examples of providing concrete assistance to trade union members in local and republican practice.

Also during the meeting, Kali Rakhmetov informed about the Appeal of the Federation of Trade Unions in connection with the elections of deputies of the Majilis of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan and maslikhats. He explained that the Federation of Trade Unions of the Republic of Kazakhstan calls on all trade union members and workers to take an active part in the upcoming elections, to support worthy candidates – those who are with us, those who defend the rights and interests of a Labor Person!

The participants of the meeting were familiarized with the main priorities of the election platform “Trade Unions for Justice!”, which incorporated 15 steps towards a Social state.

“We will oblige the employer to pay the employee an honest salary for an eight-hour working day, excluding overtime, overtime and combining positions. Payment for honest work should provide a decent income for the employee and his family, and overtime, overtime and additional workload can be applied only with his consent and should not be a forced measure that is taken because of low wages,” the chairman of the TOP stressed.

Summing up the meeting, Kali Rakhmetov noted the importance of interaction between the employer and the trade union.

“Today, the trade union is one of the most significant public institutions in the modern world, fulfilling a progressive mission to protect rights, ensure a decent life and working conditions for a Person. Today it is one of the important tools for solving social and labor relations,” he said.

The Chairman of the TOP “Trade Union Center of Akmola region” wished the primary trade union organization success in implementing the planned plans.