The working day at MAEK LLP began with a meeting of the head of the predilection Zhasulan Suyunchaliev with representatives of the FPRK.

The topics of discussion were pressing issues of the enterprise, the work of trade union organizations. As in many enterprises, the issue of wages and working conditions is acute here. All issues are under special control of the akimat of the Mangystau region. Recall that due to interruptions in the heating system in winter, more than 1,000 people were left without heat. The government decided to transfer MAEK LLP to the ownership of the regional akimat. At this stage, the leadership of the region and the enterprise are considering the elimination of intermediaries, thereby increasing the income of the enterprise. Which, in turn, will further increase the wages of the company’s employees, as well as provide an opportunity to modernize outdated equipment.

After the meeting, a training seminar was organized for representatives of the employer and employees on the topic “Social development. Employer interaction with employee representatives. Experience in holding labor councils, applying forms of accession to a collective agreement.

MAEK LLP was founded in 1968. The task of the enterprise is to supply the industry and the population of the region with electric and thermal energy, water for various purposes. The enterprise employs more than 3,500 workers and specialists, and also has two trade union organizations.

The moderator of the seminar was the chairman of the TOP “Trade Union Center of the Mangystau Region” Saduakas Bekgaliyev. He noted that the purpose of the training marathon is to increase knowledge among the working staff in labor legislation, as well as to obtain a clear consistent algorithm for resolving collective labor disputes for all parties of the social partnership.

During the meeting, the floor was given to the inspector of the Office of the State Labor Inspectorate of the Mangistau region Nurbakhyt Omarova. She, in turn, stressed that the labor inspectorate is always ready for joint work, and provides support in resolving labor collective disputes. In the current year alone, more than 180 applications have already been received. A timely response is being prepared to them and a constructive solution is proposed.

The project coordinator – Deputy Director of the Department of Organizational and Control Work of the FPRK Lyazzat Yeszhanova noted that the topic of the seminar is the most relevant, it is aimed at resolving conflicts and labor disputes, at supporting trade unions and increasing knowledge of labor legislation.

“Our seminar was prepared with the aim that employees in various fields were competently savvy in legal terms, knew their rights and obligations. And also to be able to conduct a constructive conversation with the employer. With regard to the latest new rules, now there is an opportunity to go on a warning strike, which is allowed for workers during labor arbitration, for a period of not more than one hour and with a total number of people up to 50 people. It is necessary to correctly understand this norm, because it is aimed at resolving the dispute in the labor collective before the strike. The Federation of Trade Unions previously submitted a package of proposals to the Ministry of Labor of the Republic of Kazakhstan. One of our main proposals was the mandatory indexation of wages,” the speaker noted.

The next lecturer of the seminar was the chief expert of the TOP “Trade Union Center of the Kyzylorda region” Maira Boranbayeva. The topic of her speech was “Explanation of the labor legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan on articles. Grounds for terminating the employment contract. She dwelled in detail on the most important changes and additions to labor legislation.

At the end, all participants of the seminar-training were given certificates. The participants of the meeting took an active part in the clarifications on the articles, asked questions of interest. And they especially noted that they managed to expand their knowledge in the field of labor legislation, as well as trade union organizations took note of the cases presented to supplement new clauses in the collective labor agreement.

Recall that training seminars within the framework of the educational marathon will continue until the end of the week in other trade union organizations of the Mangistau region.