As part of the educational marathon, training seminars were held at enterprises: Oil Services Company LLP, MAEK LLP, Buzachi Operating Ltd FC. The next, final, training seminar will be held in Zhanaozen for employers and employees of “Kezbi” LLP.

The day before, a training seminar for the professional asset of Mtehservice LLP was held in the House of Trade Unions.

Saduakas Bekgalyev, Chairman of the Mangystau Region Trade Union Center, acted as a moderator, noting that the topic of the seminar is relevant, because increasing knowledge among social partners in labor legislation is one of the main goals of the Federation of Trade Unions.

During the meeting, the floor was also given to Mukhtar Sansyzbayev, chief Specialist of the Department of Control of Legislation on Safety and Labor Protection of the State Administration of the State Labor Inspectorate of the Mangystau Region.

“In the event of a labor dispute, an employee, before applying, for example, to the court, must submit an application to the conciliation commission, which consists on a parity basis of an equal number of representatives of employees and the employer. If it is not possible to come to an agreement, and dismissal is not considered as a possible option, then it is necessary to seek help from the state, namely the state labor inspector. The tasks of the state inspector include not only consideration of appeals and complaints, but also ensuring compliance with and protection of workers’ rights and freedoms, including on issues of safety of working conditions, insurance of workers from accidents, injuries at work, investigation of accidents at work and other issues of safety and labor protection,” Mukhtar Sansyzbayev said.

Deputy Director of the Department of Organizational and Control Work of the FPRK Lyazzat Eszhanova is the coordinator of this project. During her speech, she noted that the Federation of Trade Unions of the Republic of Kazakhstan is interested in ensuring that workers in various fields are legally savvy, clearly know their rights and obligations.

The Federation of Trade Unions of the Republic of Kazakhstan has introduced a number of systematic measures to improve the quality of the wage system at the legislative level, to introduce mandatory annual wage indexation for inflation.

The chief expert of the Trade Union Center of the Kyzylorda Region, Maira Boranbayeva, in turn, elaborated on the most important changes and additions to the labor legislation. The topic of her lecture was “Clarification of the labor legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan on articles. Grounds for termination of the employment contract”.

“An employment contract with an employee can be terminated on various grounds. Accordingly, dismissal payments differ in some way in specific situations. If an employee is dismissed due to a reduction in staff or his position, the final calculation is made in the same way as in the liquidation of the company. An employer cannot dismiss pregnant women, women with children under the age of three, single mothers raising a child under the age of fourteen (a disabled child under the age of eighteen), other persons raising this category of children without a mother,” the speaker noted.

After the training, the participants of the meeting asked inter-related questions about labor disputes. The speakers, in turn, gave clear explanations to the questions asked, article by article. In conclusion, certificates were issued to all participants of the training seminar.