As a result of the continuation of the social entrepreneurship project in the Pavlodar region, a branch of the social enterprise “Green TAL” was opened in the city of Ekibastuz.

A carpentry workshop for the production of wooden toys has been opened in the premises provided by the KSU “Center for the Development of Youth Initiatives of the Department of Internal Policy of the city of Ekibastuz”.

“The main goal of the project is free training in carpentry skills and employment of people of different ages and social groups, without mandatory educational requirements. Social workshops are open for employment of people with disabilities, single mothers, graduates of orphanages, as well as convicted persons serving sentences in places of imprisonment and after their release due to the difficulties of employment. Entrepreneurial activity of social entrepreneurship entities contributes to solving social problems of citizens and society,” said Emin Askerov, founder and head of the Green TAL social workshop.

Chairman of the Territorial Association of Trade Unions of the Pavlodar region , deputy of the Pavlodar regional Maslikhat Dinara Aitzhanova at the opening ceremony noted: “E.’s suggestion.Askerova on the development of a social entrepreneurship project in our region to provide jobs to individual social groups has received support from trade unions. The territorial association of trade Unions of the Pavlodar region signed a Memorandum of Cooperation with social entrepreneur Emin Askerov in 2020, we organized a series of dialogue platforms with the invitation of representatives of state bodies, deputies and non-governmental organizations to promote social entrepreneurship in the region. With the opening of the branch of the Green TAL social workshop in 2021, the mass development of social entrepreneurship in the Pavlodar region has been launched. The project, started from the zero cycle, is currently working in Pavlodar. With the opening of a social workshop in the city of Ekibastuz, convicted persons will be able to get jobs after their release at the end of their sentence to restore socialization skills.”

The participants of the opening ceremony met at the workplaces with the employees of the Green TAL social workshop, got acquainted with the production and living conditions created for them, the production process and finished products.