The delegation from Kazakhstan at the Congress was attended by the chairman of the Almaty branch of the Industrial Trade Union “Kyzmet” Aynakulova Danagul and the chairman of the East Kazakhstan regional branch Tleubaev Dauren.

The congress of civil servants’ unions was held at the Congress and Culture Center of Haci Bayram Veli University in Ankara. A very large hall drew 6,000 delegates from all over the country and representatives from 30 foreign countries.

The Confederation of Public Employees’ Unions of Turkey, Memur Sen, was founded in 1995 and today has over 1 million members united by 11 authorized unions. Nowadays, Memur Sen Trade Union is the most authoritative and mass public organization, which plays a significant role in the socio-economic and political life of Turkey. An indicator of its authority is the participation of the President of Turkey Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his speech at the Congress, the participation of the Minister of Labor and Social Security Mr. Vedat Bilgin, the head of the political party.

During the meeting of the foreign delegations at the headquarters of the Memur Sen trade unions, an exchange of views took place, at which the chairman of the Almaty branch Ainakulova D.M. read out a welcome address from the chairman of the branch trade union “Kyzmet” Zhakypov M.H. to the Congress 7.

In her speech she expressed her words of sympathy in memory of the victims who died as a result of a major earthquake in Turkey and also noted the importance of strengthening trade union unity and trade union solidarity.

Ali Yalcin, president of MEMUR-SEN Confederation of Public Service Unions, and those present also congratulated all congress participants on the Day of Labor and Solidarity on May 1.