At the 11th Kazakhstan International Conference and Exhibition on Occupational Health and Safety – KIOSH 2023, held in Astana at the end of May, Kazzinc became the “Gold Partner” of the forum, and the company’s specialists made presentations in two strategic sessions, participated in the discussion of a new Republican concept on safe work under the auspices of the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Population of the Republic of Kazakhstan. On the final day of the conference, the winners of the republican competition “Senim” from Kaztsinkov took the stage to receive their honorary awards.

One of the main events of the conference was the strategic session “Conceptual foundations of labor protection through the prism of new challenges” with the participation of Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan Altai Kulginov, Minister of Labor and Social Protection of the Population of the Republic of Kazakhstan Tamara Duisenova, Minister of Digital Development, Innovation and Aerospace Industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan Bagdat Musin and Minister of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan Azhar Giniyat. The speakers discussed changes in legislation in the social and labor sphere, considered the Concept of labor safety in Kazakhstan, predicting further development and key trends in the field of labor protection in the republic.

Kazzinc was represented at the international forum by 13 people headed by Dmitry Tililyaev, Executive Director for Occupational Health and Safety. Within the framework of the session “Ensuring industrial safety in the Republic of Kazakhstan”, the leader made a presentation on the topic “Labor safety culture – practices for using proactive tools”, talking about the “Kazzinc” program “Safe Work 2.0”, its 9 main elements, how they work , and how the company motivates line managers and ordinary employees to comply with safety requirements.

At the session “Digital Twins in Industry”, the report of Nikolai Larionov, Project Manager “Risk Management in Industry” of Kazzinc LLP, who presented the OneApp information system implemented in the company, attracted great attention of experts.

“With the OneApp system, we have reached a new level, when digitalization works for the benefit of occupational health and safety,” notes Dmitry Tililyaev. – This is a program where we have implemented not only an information system for managing deviations. There are modules that are responsible for risk management, briefings, emergency response plans and drills, and many others. New modules will also appear. This is a very valuable source of data that we can analyze, draw conclusions and improve our production. – Representatives of the state IT sector and IT companies took part in the session. We were the only representative of the business,” says Nikolai Larionov.- Moreover, a business that made such a system for itself. Today, this is an unusual approach when an industrial company owns such resources: time, IT specialists and builds a system for itself, rather than buying a finished product on the side. And it really generated a lot of interest. The final chord of the participation of Kazzincians in the KIOSH 2023 conference was the awarding of the winners of the republican competition among professionals in the field of labor protection “Senim”.

* The Occupational Safety and Health Service of the industrial complex “Kazzinkmash” took an honorable second place in the nomination “The Best Occupational Safety Service”. *Sergey Shulgin, an operator-hydrometallurgist of the lead dust processing section of the processing plant GOK Altai, became the first in the nomination “The best technical inspector for labor protection.” – 18 enterprises participated in the nomination “The Best Occupational Safety Service”. Among them are such large ones as, for example, ArcelorMittal Temirtau, Tengizchevroil and others. Evaluating the participants, the competition commission drew attention to the presence of new practices, methods of labor protection management. And, of course, the key criterion was the absence of injuries at work, – says Alexander Boyarinov, chief technical manager of the labor protection service at PK Kazzinkmash. – We are determined to eliminate accidents in our production.


By the way, with a staff of 1,150 people, there have been no accidents at the Kazzincmash production complex since 2020. 32-year-old employee of the processing plant GOK “Altai” Sergei Shulgin learned that he had won in his nomination only at the awards ceremony. He was a technical inspector for only a year. But during this time he became the best according to the results of the quarter three times and took the title of the best technical inspector of the year at the Altai mining and processing plant. In the deviation registration system, he recorded 400 violations related to TB. For 12 months he received an achievement badge – “Veteran”! Until recently, I didn’t know that I had taken some place. The best in the country, it turns out, became. Emotions are on top! There were such people: both ministers and foreign guests. Of course, this is pride both for ourselves and for our company, because Kazzinc pays great attention to safe work and motivates its employees to this. Note that after winning the competition, Sergei Shulgin has a new position. Now he is a shift master. And this, according to him, means that the responsibility on him has become even greater.

“Participation in the KIOSH conference was very useful for us,” sums up Dmitry Tililyaev. – There are many young safety engineers, technical managers, chief technical managers in our team. We got a general idea of ​​the level of labor protection and industrial safety in the country. And during the award ceremony, it was nice to see how Kazzinc collected almost all the prizes (two out of three nominations – author’s note). It also shows that we are moving in the right direction. And this work will continue.

KIOSH is an annual event supported by the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Population of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Industrial Safety Committee of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Federation of Trade Unions of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the National Chamber of Entrepreneurs of the Republic of Kazakhstan “Atameken” and other organizations. For two days, experts in the field of labor protection from industrial companies in Kazakhstan, China, Pakistan, Russia, Belarus, Uzbekistan discussed topical issues of industrial safety, shared their achievements and best world practices using modern trends in safe work.